Georgia Prof Richard Sigman

In recent news, a University of West Georgia professor, Richard Sigman, was charged with murder. He was fired from the university and was charged with multiple felonies including possession of a gun, aggravated assault, and murder. According to reports, Richard killed a student named Anna Jones on July 30. She was just 18 years old at the time of his horrific killing. Now, in the case, the officials have charged the culprit with the above-mentioned felonies. Let us check the details about the complete matter in the article below and find out who is Richard and why did he kill the teenage student.

According to the officials from the Carrollton Police Department, Richard Sigman, the 47-year-old professor, got into an argument with another man. It happened at an Italian restaurant in Carrollton. The cops revealed that the other man informed the security at the restaurant about Richard threatening him to shoot to death. After that, the security observed Sigman having a gun and taking the safety of the rest of the people present in the restaurant into consideration, the security asked him to leave. Richard Sigman left the scene and went to a parking deck.

It is coming forward that Richard Sigman went to the parking deck where he shot the teenage student to death. The investigation revealed that Sigman walked into the parking lot and began shooting at a parked car resulting in Anna Jones getting killed. Her friends immediately took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The officials shared a post on Facebook where they wrote that the case is ongoing and the investigators are trying to find out the details of the case so that they can learn about the motive behind this killing.

The Carroll County Jail’s online records said that Sigman was “currently booked”. Since the investigation is currently going on, why did Richard kill Jones remains unclear. It is still being investigated what happened at the scene and what lead Richard to open the fire all of a sudden. Reports confirm that Richard Sigman no longer works for UWG. Besides, Anna Jones’ family is mourning their precious daughter’s death. They are expressing their sadness about her unfortunate demise and describing her as a beautiful, kind, and caring girl, whom everyone loved. One of her friends Ethan Lepard said that Anna was a great friend to everyone. For more updates, follow our site, Social Telecast.


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