Tigres UANL fan viral video


Mexican professional football club Tigres UANL won their first leg of the league of the Liga MX Opening. It took place last Thursday with a great goal free kick Andre-Pierre Gignacbut one amateur. The fans celebrated the victory in their own ways. However, one particular female fan went viral on the internet after she pulled up her shorts to show her bare chest after the team appeared victorious. Needless to say, she gained everyone’s attention after that and became viral soon after. Check further details of the matter in the article below.

Tigres UANL fan viral video

As per reports, the girl went topless after Tigers UANL won the match and when she did that, everyone’s attention turned toward her. While her behavior embarrassed many, some of the fans also went to her and clicked pics with her. This resulted in the girl getting even more popular in that stadium as she became the topic of discussion among everyone. Everyone was surprised to learn that girl displayed her bare breas* in front of so many people knowing that she will become the center of attraction among everyone.

Ever since the incident appeared on the internet, netizens are talking about the girl. People are also searching for her identity and details related to her. However, her identity has not been revealed yet. Although her real identity has not come forward, the videos featuring her display her face. Yes, her face has not been blurred and it is available for everyone to see. So, it is no doubt to say that now everyone, who knows her, knows what her brea*ts look like.

Following the circulation of the video clip on social media platforms, people are discussing it. Because of the same, she has become one of the most trending personalities. Let us tell you that the video has surfaced all over the internet and has garnered everyone’s attention. Mauricio Culebro showed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of the fan of the feline club.

It was said that things like that should not happen in an event of these and we will be aware that it does not happen again. However, they also added that it is something hard to control. The director of Tigers expressed their opinion about the matter and said that it should not happen. Currently, not much information regarding the same has been revealed yet. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.



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