Who Is Shakwan Kelly Viral Video Shows Man Fleeing Cops Knocking Woman And Toddler To Ground

Canadian police in Vancouver posted a video of a 40-year-old mother holding her little child. It depicts the startling scene when they both fall to the ground. According to the police, the mother and her child were standing on East Pender near Gore Avenue when she fell and smacked her head on the concrete. The kid sustained a few wounds and scrapes. It is reported that they were summoned to a report of a shirtless guy kicking cars and strolling through traffic on July 9 at about 10:45 AM. Check further details here.

Police were pursuing Shakwan David Kelly, 27, because of an earlier incident. The mom and the child were both knocked to the ground when the man ran into their backs. While shocked onlookers hurried to assist the woman and child who had been knocked to the ground, Kelly, who was naked, continued to run. According to the police, Kelly punched one automobile so hard that one of the doors was dented. The Vancouver police have uploaded the incident’s video to Twitter.

Who Is Shakwan Kelly?

Sergeant Steve Addison reportedly claimed, “This attack took place in a crowded neighborhood, and approximately a dozen people observed it,” according to Castanet. He stated, “We’ve spoken to a few witnesses, but we’re still compiling data, and we’d like to hear from others who saw or heard what happened. He was initially arrested by the Vancouver police, but they released him after charging him with mischief, assault, and obstructing a police officer.

On July 12, when Kelly was expected to appear in court, he failed to do so. Kelly wasn’t discovered by police until Thursday, July 21. After a neighbor saw him in the news and alerted a Vancouver police officer who was patrolling the area, they detained him. Police said they are currently looking into Kelly’s alleged involvement in a series of offenses that occurred in Downtown Eastside and Chinatown on the morning of July 9 after Kelly was returned to jail.

Many people commented on the video footage and shared their opinions on Twitter. It’s a good thing Shakwan David Kelly wasn’t driving, a user commented, as “road rat driver with one passenger killed youngster” would have been the response. Why does the VPD seek more witnesses to an incident that is so obviously captured on film, questioned another user on Twitter? One would believe that the police ought to be requesting information from witnesses regarding the whereabouts of the alleged attacker Shakwan David Kelly.


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