Watergate occurred 50 years in the previous. Its legacies are nonetheless with us.

Gena Tew, a social media star and influencer, has been using her platform on TikTok to debate her AIDS prognosis and share her journey with followers.

She first opened up about having AIDS in March 2022 in a TikTok video. Tew talked about that she had “gone through hell” and was nonetheless “going through hell.”

Here is all of the issues we presently know…

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Who is Gena Tew?

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Gena Tew is a social media star who has over 401 thousand TikTok followers, and just under 20 thousand Instagram followers.

She has been sharing films about her AIDS prognosis and sustaining followers throughout the loop collectively together with her journey.

Lew talked about that although her net web page is simply not meant to be tutorial or a documentary, she does “appreciate that people are getting awareness about AIDS.”

Tew is 27-years-old in line with Famous Birthdays.

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Gena Tew opens up about AIDS prognosis

Tew has addressed questions from followers about her AIDS prognosis and has opened up about how she obtained it.

She talked about: “I do not know who gave it to me or where I got it, all I know is that because I was so sick to the point of death, they said I had to have had it for eight to ten years. At that time frame, I was in New York City and I was homeless.”

Tew acknowledged that she had been assaulted whereas dwelling in New York, and as well as talked about that she had gotten free tattoos, so it “could have been from a dirty needle.”

“Did I know those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happen? No, because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young,” she talked about.

TikTok star speaks out about shedding mobility

Tew’s mobility has been affected and she or he has shared plenty of updates with followers on-line about her wheelchair, along with a video posted in May the place she knowledgeable them she nonetheless couldn’t stroll.

In June, Tew shared a video from the first few days of determining she had AIDS when she was in hospital. She talked about that she was “so weak” that she couldn’t converse appropriately.

At the highest of June, Tew knowledgeable followers that she was “still weak” nevertheless “trying every day,” and in July she knowledgeable followers that she was now ready to roll herself in her wheelchair.


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