Who Is Charleston White YouTuber Claims He Maced Soulja Boy In Altercation

One of the famous YouTube personalities named Charleston White stated that he beat Soulja Boy. The announcement started circulating on the Internet on 22nd July 2022, Friday. Earlier, the statement rumors were floating on the Internet that White and Soulja boy was involved in a brawl. After a while, White came to brief the details of the incident through his social media account. His explanation is circulating all over the Internet and netizens are quite shocked after learning about the details of the dispute. Get more information on who is Charleston White and his fight with Soulja Boy.

According to the latest reports claimed by the YouTuber himself informed that Charleston White was involved in a fight in South Florida. However, Soulja Boy is currently in Miami and getting prepared for his show scheduled to be held at Rolling Loud Festival. While Soulja was swamped with his concert the rumors of his fight with White were breaking the Internet. White took his IG account and said posted the entire video showing the brawl of his with Soulja Boy. The video is also surfacing on Twitter.

Who Is Charleston White?

It is being said that the fight between Soulja Boy and White begin when the YouTuber attacked the rapper during an interview getting covered by Say Cheese TV on 20th July. The Youtuber said that all the people who are facing consequences with Soulja were killed by chance, which made it sound like the Atlanta rapper wasn’t as tough as he says. The exact wordings by White are provided by many web pages and social media accounts.

One of his statements heard that “Charleston White has been in trouble with the law, but he is a well-known Internet Figure. Well as we mentioned above, White has problems with the law because he was involved in multiple drug-related issues when he was just a teenager due to which he was also booked for imprisonment multiple times.

Apart from that when he was 14 years old, he was accompanied by three other boys and broke into a Foot Locker store and stole some sports jackets. At the time they were stealing the jackets they encountered a man who tried to stop them but he was shot and killed. At the time White said that he didn’t pull the trigger but he was still responsible for the killing. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and other latest updates.


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