Who Is Austin Thompson Raleigh NC Hedingham Mass Shooter Kills 5 And Injures 2


According to reports, the mother of the 15-year-old North Carolina kid who is accused of killing five people in Raleigh during a shooting spree arrived first after her son allegedly killed his elder sibling. Reports claim that on Saturday that when Austin Thompson’s mother Elise Thompson arrived at her family’s home on Thursday in a panic, she discovered her 16-year-old son James shot to death in a bathroom. The 52-year-old mother’s blue Honda CRV is still parked on the street in front of her front door, according to images obtained by the media source.

Who Is Austin Thompson Raleigh NC Hedingham Mass Shooter Kills 5 And Injures 2

It is said that Elise did not even turn into her driveway before rushing into the home. Neighbors said that it was before the officials had arrived at the scene. Austin has reportedly killed four people which include an off-duty officer. Besides, the accused injured two others later the same day as he blasted the victims with a shotgun. It is really shocking to learn that a teen boy committed this kind of heinous crime. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has garnered the attention of everyone.

Who Is Austin Thompson?

The shocking piece of news has become one of the most discussed topics on the internet right now. According to the witnesses, the shooter was wearing camouflage clothing and had a backpack. Apart from that, he was wearing black boots too. The boy reportedly barricaded himself in a nearby barn. The officials were found with by officials with a gunshot wound to his head. Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman told the media that she will prosecute the teen. He seems to be in critical condition at a hospital after the attack- as an adult, “assuming he recovers”.

Currently, the investigation into the case seems to be ongoing as the officials are trying to gather all the evidence that could be found beneficial in the case. The department has not released much information about the matter yet so it remains to be unknown. However, netizens are discussing it on social media and expressing their shock at the fact that a teenager can go to this extent and commit this kind of crime. Our team is trying to fetch information on the matter too. Keep following Social Telecast to get further details about the case and for further news and things taking place in the world. Stay tuned to this space and follow our site.



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