Stacy Keibler chose to leave the spotlight


Stacy Keibler recently celebrated her 43rd birthday, almost two decades after her final WWE appearance.

The star was once one of the best-known female talents and is best remembered for having the longest legs in the business. During her time in WWE, Stacy worked alongside The Dudley Boyz, Vince McMahon, Test, and even The Hurricane and Rosey. However, she eventually moved on to work for Dancing with the Stars in 2005.

At the time, Keibler was still contracted to WWE but didn’t return to the company after the competition ended. She later parted ways with the promotion in the summer of 2006.

Keibler has pursued several career paths since departing WWE

Stacy Keibler pursued an acting career following her WWE stint, which led to her being part of several TV shows and movies between 2006 and 2011.

The star dated actor Geoff Stults until 2010, when she moved on to a relationship with George Clooney. The pair was together for two years before they split in 2013.

Keibler has since gone on to marry Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre, and together they have two daughters and a son. While coming to grips with being a family of five, the former wrestler has also launched her men’s skincare range called Caldera+Lab.

“Combining the unique processes of wild-harvesting and Green technology, Jared Pobre and Stacy Keibler have created premium, non-toxic, clean skincare for men.”

The firm’s new website was launched in November 2020, and Keibler stopped updating her Instagram in 2018 when she welcomed her third child. Stacy made her only return to WWE since her departure when she inducted long-time friend and former roommate Torrie Wilson into the Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

Keibler has since chosen to move out of the spotlight and to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which allows her to raise her children alongside nature. Keibler told Parade in 2021 that she sees being a mother as a full-time job, and being away from the media allows her to relax.

“It’s also equally important to take care of yourself and to nurture yourself. And for me, if I can book a massage and it’s just one hour where I turn my phone off and someone is really taking care of my body, I find that just so nourishing for my mind, my body and my soul. Honestly a one-hour massage can do wonders,” noted Keibler.

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