Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns


The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today as they fight to claw back into the playoff race, but Mitch Trubisky’s services are not being used in that pursuit anymore.

Trubisky was benched during the Steelers’ game against the New York Jets for rookie first round draft pick Kenny Pickett. The calls for Pickett to start had been growing louder with each passing week and head coach Mike Tomlin gave in and decided to give the rookie a shot.

The Steelers ultimately lost that game on a late touchdown by the Jets, but Pickett, who finished with three interceptions, gave the offense the jolt it had been missing with the incumbent.

Tomlin elected to move forward with Pickett for the time being. Even after a disastrous loss to the Buffalo Bills last week, one of the worst in franchise history, the Steelers are rolling with their rookie.

Is Mitch Trubisky going to play again?

As mentioned, the Steelers played horribly last week. The Bills trounced them 38-3. If that kind of offensive output and poor play doesn’t warrant a potential quarterback change, then it’s unlikely that anything will.

This may very well be a lost season, the first in Pittsburgh since Tomlin took over. As a result, there’s no harm in seeing what Pickett has ahead of a strong quarterback class in 2023.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Trubisky, unfortunately, is the loser in that situation. Unless something dramatic occurs, like an injury or an absolute disaster class, then Pickett will more than likely remain the starter.

The quarterback signed a two-year deal, so he may be released in the offseason or traded as he continues to find a permanent home after leaving Chicago, the team that drafted him.

He is not injured, though, so he may appear in some games this year at some point or another.

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