nambi Narayanan

Reportedly, Nambi Narayanan has again been surrounded by the controversies of his old cases like the “Espionage Case” because of which, he has been arrested by the concerned authorities and further proceeding is being brought ahead by them to find out everything behind the case. As soon as everyone is getting acquainted with the news uncounted reactions started coming out, as uncounted are depressing their worries towards him. So below you could get everything, need to know along with those pieces of information which are remained unknown for a very long, as his connection with the cases are too long.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, seldom a day would have passed coming to the news out into the limelight, and in spite of this, uncounted reactions commenced to hitting the headlines. Because previous to this, in 2018 he had been surrounded by agonist behavior as well, but later, the accusations were fake enough and it had proven too. As his attorney showed everything while turning the decision in his favor and therefore, the case received downfall. But now again, a few reports are claiming his detention while the matter is totally different.

Who Is Nambi Narayan?

80-year-old, Nambi Narayan is a popular Indian aerospace engineer, who had worked with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and contributed his best, and therefore, after seeing his hard work the B-Town makers decided to make a biopic too. As R. Madhavan played his character in the movie while showing his journey from the very starting his career. Even the movie received an immense response from the side of admirers, and therefore, the theatrical release of the biopic was full enough. He was born on 12th December 1941 in Nagercoil, Travancore, British Raj, and is presently a Tamil Nadu. He completed his alma maters from Princeton University (MSE), Thiagarajar College of Engineering, even though he has been honored with Padma Bhushan in 2019.

Apart from all these, the accusations have been proven fake as the concerned authorities investigated the case, so, therefore, you do not need to chase even a single false narrative or rumor. Because uncounted are making the rapid rounds on social networking sites, while throwing the false pieces out. So here, we have conferred such pieces of vital information which have been derived from the other significant sources, therefore, still, a few are pending to be unveiled. So stay tuned with us to know more.


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