Cincinnati Reds v New York Yankees


During the New York Yankees versus St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday, the home plate umpire made some questionable calls. This included an obvious strike thrown by Adam Wainwright to Yankees star Aaron Judge.

Wainwright threw his signature curveball right down the middle on an 0-0 count. Both parties just assumed that is was a strike, yet the umpire did not do anything after the pitch.

Even Aaron Judge was confused by the call as it looked like he assumed that it was a strike. Although the ball crossed towards the top of the zone, it was still easily a strike. Even though this missed call was in the fourth inning, it could have very easily decided a game.

In a time where Major League umpires are in the hot seat, fans were baffled when they saw this call. A mistake like this is unacceptable at the game’s highest stage. Mistakes like these are detrimental for the sport.

New York Mets fans in particular had something to say about this call. During the 2006 NLCS, Adam Wainwright threw the exact same pitch to Carlos Beltran. The pitch was called a strike and solidified the series win for the Cardinals. If this ump called that game, history would have been different.

The New York Yankees wound up losing this game 12-9, and is one of the many losses the Yanks have taken since the start of the second half. Although the Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball, they have hit a major bump in the road.

Are we witnessing the downfall of the New York Yankees?

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins
New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins

The Yankees have established themselves as one of the best teams in Major League Baseball this season. They hold the league’s top record for the majority of the year. However, they lost that feat after a cold start after the All-Star break.

Since the start of the second half, the Yanks are 6-11, and this includes a five-game losing streak. Their lead in the American League East has now shrunk to under 10 games, with the Toronto Blue Jays slowly chipping away at it.

Although the Yankees are experiencing a roadblock right now, they should be fine for the playoffs. They are still one of the most dominant teams in the MLB once they get back on track.



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