Vankyo‘s fantastic V700W offers great projection at full HD and incredible audio, all at a price that’s under 300 USD. My verdict: 5/5


Key reasons to buy:

– High-resolution at 1080P (FHD)

– Bright projection at 420 ANSI Lumens

– Fantastic audio quality from the built-in speakers and Dolby Audio

– Easy to use thanks to bidirectional Bluetooth and some automatic adjusting options

Most important specs

Display technology: LCD

Resolution: FHD, 1920×1080 at FHD

Brightness ratio: 1000:1 at 420 ANSI lumens

Speaker: Two speakers of 5Watt at 4Ω with Dolby Audio

Pricing: $299.00

My review

Table of Contents

There are a lot of factors you can consider for choosing the right projector, but if you mainly want to use it in the living room to watch a movie with your lover or children, or throw a big watch party on the big screen, then the V700W ticks all the right boxes. The projection quality is bright, sharp, and colorful, even on a big screen. Plus the sound quality is highly detailed, and the speaker is powerful enough to fill a big living room fully in all directions, to make everyone feel immersed as if they’re really inside the movie.

Design and colors

First impressions? Right out of the box, the V700W has a simple marble-white design with rounded corners and grey bezels on the side. The design is simple and will be suitable for any living room interior. There’s definitely some weight to the machine, which feels sturdy and of high quality. You can put the projector on a flat surface but also hang it on a ceiling (upside down). The lens is big and comes with a cover to protect it from dust or scratching (for if you transport it).

The box it comes in looks normal, but Vankyo has reduced plastic materials, and focussed on using environment-friendly packaging materials, such as ink made from soybeans, and recycled fiber pulp for the tray used to encase the projector itself. This means each V700W is so sustainable that it reduces carbon emissions by 564.5 grams.

We use environment-friendly packaging materials, such as soy ink (a plant-based ink derived from soybeans), new molded fiber pulp tray for projector packaging, and reduce the use of plastic material. Using environmentally friendly materials on each V700w package can reduce carbon emissions by about 564.5 grams.


The V700W uses LCD display technology, and the projection is highly detailed, up to a maximum of 1920×1080 pixels (full HD, 1080P), even if you project it on a screen as big as 224 inches. If adjusted well (and it does so automatically, more on that later), the projection is smooth, sharp, and colorful from center to edges.

The projection is also extremely bright, measured at 420 ANSI Lumens, which is higher than comparable projectors in this price range. This means the colors ‘jump’ off the screen and are truly vivid. It also allows for watching the projection in a room that’s not fully darkened, such as living rooms during the daytime sometimes are. In fact, the lamp is so powerful that if your projection screen allows it (scrim or bobbinet fabric) you can also project from the rear of the screen (you know, like those old cinemas).

Despite its brightness, the V700W produces low blue light emissions. This doesn’t affect what you see on the screen (the colors are vivid) but it does decrease eye strain, which isn’t just safer for you and your family, but also more comfortable. The V700W is certified in accordance with IEC 62471-5 by TÜV Rheinland, a leading independent testing company that tests the safety and quality of all sorts of appliances.


Vankyo has fitted two 5Watt speakers (at 4Ω) into the V700W, and through software-enabled Dolby Audio. You can really hear (dare I say: feel) the audio from the movies or games, or whatever it is you’re playing. The speakers create a 360° panoramic soundscape, so not just the person sitting right behind the projector will get high-quality audio, but the whole room.

Projectors usually don’t come with good speakers, but it really makes sense to put a good speaker (or two) in there, as audio is part of the entertainment you play on these devices. Because of the bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1, the V700W can also serve as a standalone speaker (more on that later), and for this, the speaker quality of the V700W is amazing when you use it with your phone or iPad.

In short, the V700W produces fantastic sound authorized by Dolby Audio, and I believe that Vankyo with this device may have set a new benchmark for the industry.


My impression of projectors (much like printers) is that they never really do what I want, although projectors have come a long way in terms of ease of usage. So too the V700W. With the remote control, I set up the projector with its long-range electric remote adaption. It seamlessly found the wall I wanted to project on, focussed its projection, and that was that. If needed, you can easily correct the keystones (corners of the projection) with the thumbwheel.

The device also has plenty of ports so it’ll work with basically any imaginable device, from laptops (either Windows or Mac), DVD or Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. Even if your device (such as your phone) has no cable, you can conveniently use Bluetooth. The V700W’s Bluetooth version is 5.1 is bidirectional, meaning your phone and the projector communicate in both ways. This also enables you to set up the projector as an audio speaker (with the projection off). Neat feat!


I never realized this about projectors but now that I’ve been using the V700W with its superb speakers, I’m convinced this should be the new standard to judge projectors on the quality of both the projection and audio, in just one device. This is easier for the user, no need for another external Bluetooth speaker. Even if you just buy it for the projector, the V700W is a great machine, and it’s not just me. I quickly browsed at online reviews and they were all favorable. The projector comes with a three-year warranty and at $299.00 is quite the bargain. I think it has free shipping in the US as well if you order it from Vankyo’s official website, plus it comes with a free 120” inch expandable screen.

VANKYO Performance V700W 1080P Full HD Livehouse Projector with 420 ANSI Lumen, Dual 5W/4ohm Dolby Audio Speakers, Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1



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