Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd October 2022 Episode Naaz Commits Suicide


Hello, all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama “Udaariyaan” is all set to make you feel over the top as the 22nd October 2022 episode is bringing the high-voltage drama along with some surprising activities. As finally, Naaz has realized her the mistakes and exploits she has done against Nehmat in a certain manner, as she had almost ruined her life. Therefore, Naaz breaks down in tears and feels guilty about her activities, and now, she will not get an apology as well because of the extent of the exploits.

Udaariyaan Written Update 22nd October 2022 Episode Naaz Commits Suicide

After a while, Nehmat reaches Naaz’s room and hears everything as she is thinking to commit suicide and therefore, she is recording a confession note as well. She mentions that now she does not have a right to live with Nehmat as she has done all those things which were totally devastating. Thus, she brings up all those gifts which she received from Nehmat and says that before going she will return all these along with her favorite doll that she received from Nehmat in their childhood. In short, Naaz is not able to face Nehmat as she has come to know everything.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

Meanwhile, Nehmat also feels worried about Naaz because the way she is saying all these indicates that she is serious enough and can take any step at any moment. But she does not enter her room after hearing the confession because she has faced such stuff along with the separation due to her. As she took the help of Advait for such stuff in spite of knowing that she can not live without Ekam. This is the reason, initially, she decides to leave Naaz to her circumstances, but being a sister of hers she could not see her like this as she still cares for her.

Naaz sends the confession not to Nehmat through her mobile and says that now she will not meet her again, and will hope for forgiveness meanwhile, she takes a photo of her mother Jasmine and says that she is having all those habits which her mother had. But now, it will be amazing to watch at what kind of steps will be taken by Nehmat because Naaz is going to end up her life in a certain manner without caring about those who love her. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.



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