The Commanders owner is potentially uncovering dirt on Goodell


As the NFL backs Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder into a corner, he doesn’t seem too fazed by it all. Despite rampant toxic workplace allegations and months of investigating into him and his team, Snyder doesn’t appear concerned about anything. According to ESPN, he privately said the following about the NFL:

“They can’t f–k with me.”

He also said:

“The NFL is a mafia. All the owners hate each other.”

ESPN reported that a different owner disagreed. They believe that the rest of the owners hate Snyder himself. Regardless, Washington’s owner isn’t acting like a man potentially about to be ousted by the NFL.

Snyder seems to think he is safe and that the NFL may not even consider going down that path. According to the ESPN report, many owners and league executives would like to see him removed, but there’s no telling if that will happen. In doing so, the NFL would set a precedent that would have far-reaching effects. It’s a decision that may have been a long time coming, but that doesn’t worry Snyder.

Why isn’t Dan Snyder concerned?

Dan Snyder - Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins
Dan Snyder – Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

According to the report, the Commanders owner has been working around the clock to try and fine dirt on other owners and the league itself. Speculation indicates that his legal team have been instructed to dig up everything they can on Goodell and other owners. This includes his longtime friend and ally Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys.

If he were to uncover anything, it would derail the NFL’s attempt to remove him. He could blackmail the other owners into voting against his removal or even blackmail the league into moving on. That may be why he’s so unbothered. It’s very possible that he’s uncovered something that he feels grants him immunity. A decision may come soon and all will likely be revealed.

Dan Snyder net worth

The Commanders boss is incredibly wealthy. His net worth isn’t more than the richest of the rich in the NFL, but it’s certainly up there. He currently has a net worth of $4.9 billion.

In 2019, he bought a yacht worth $192 million, showcasing his incredible wealth. The yacht has an IMAX theater on it.

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