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Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless had a rare compliment for Ben Simmons during his recent performance with the Brooklyn Nets. Highlighting the team’s ball movement and fluid offense, Bayless credited Simmons with rejuvenating the Nets’ offense.

Skip Bayless is widely known as one of the most passionate critics in the basketball world. Given his particular distaste towards the likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook, Bayless hasn’t shied away from criticizing superstars before.

Considering that Ben Simmons hasn’t been the most impressive player as of late, Bayless has often taken shots at the 26-year-old. However, Simmons’ recent performance forced Bayless to praise the superstar for his skill.

The Brooklyn Nets have been known to be a high-powered offense. Featuring offensive savants such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets often find themselves relying on their superstars to score in bunches.

This system often tends to force itself into a fairly stagnant offense. However, the Nets’ recent display against the Milwaukee Bucks saw a new kind of offense from the team.

Skip Bayless took note of this in his tweet and credited Ben Simmons for bringing a different vibe to the Nets offense. He tweeted:

“Thanks to Ben Simmons’ contagious passing, the Nets actually appear to be enjoying SHARING THE BASKETBALL. Glory be. Maybe there’s hope.”

Thanks to Ben Simmons’ contagious passing, the Nets actually appear to be enjoying SHARING THE BASKETBALL. Glory be. Maybe there’s hope.

Known to be a pass-first player, Simmons finds himself in an ideal position to succeed with Durant and Irving supporting him.

Surrounded by players who can score at the drop of a hat, Simmons facilitates Brooklyn’s offensive rotation by moving the ball around. This fluidity gives the Nets a lot of freedom by finding better looks for their players more efficiently.

Bayless taking note of such a pattern is also quite positive as the Brooklyn Nets come off their win against the Bucks. With a scoreline of 107-97, Brooklyn looked solid in this preseason outing against their conference rivals.

Ben Simmons shows signs of developing into his role with the Brooklyn Nets

Ben Simmons heads to the bench
Ben Simmons heads to the bench

Ben Simmons is a player that brings a lot of value to any team he is on. With immense potential as a two-way player, Simmons adds upon this with his tremendous playmaking ability.

Although the 26-year old couldn’t fulfill his potential with the Philadelphia 76ers, he finds himself in a more supportive environment with the Brooklyn Nets.

The role assigned to Simmons in Brooklyn is practically tailored to his skillset. With a low emphasis on scoring, the superstar is expected to play hard on defense while facilitating the offense from different spots on the floor.

Paired alongside scoring geniuses such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Simmons was provided with the tools to succeed. Unfortunately, he struggled to do so early in the preseason.

With fairly underwhelming outings early on, it was evident that he still had a long way to go before achieving his goal.

However, the latest outing against the Milwaukee Bucks inspires some hope as to what Ben Simmons could accomplish if he plays up to his potential.

? How did Ben Simmons fit this pass through the defense?!He’s up to 10 dimes on ESPN

After recording seven points, eight rebounds and 10 assists along with two steals in the win, Simmons has displayed the template for his role in Brooklyn. With the regular-season only a few days away, the Brooklyn Nets will hope to see the 26-year develop consistently.

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