Watergate occurred 50 years in the previous. Its legacies are nonetheless with us.

The ‘I have no doors but I have keys’ riddle has resurfaced on the internet and some prospects are nonetheless scratching their heads over the reply.

Riddles and puzzles turned an incredible provide of leisure in the midst of the pandemic when many people all around the world had been caught at dwelling.

But no particular person loves when riddles go away us confused and caught with fixing and discovering a proof for hours and hours.

Keep finding out for the reply and uncover further riddles to complete in your spare time.

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‘I have no doors but I have keys’ riddle

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The riddle goes as the following:

“I have no doors but I have keys, I have no rooms but I do have a space, you can enter but you can never leave. What am I?”

This has been one among many easier puzzles on the internet which prospects have shared in WhatsApp groups, along with Facebook and Twitter.

But evidently some have been baffled or must be reassured they’ve the suitable reply. Keep finding out to hunt out the explanation underneath…

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Answer defined

The reply to this riddle is keyboard.

The riddle asks for an merchandise that has keys nonetheless no doorways. In this event, puzzle lovers ought to think about the entire other ways the phrase ‘key’ might presumably be used.

A keyboard has space (space bar) nonetheless no rooms and prospects can enter (enter key) nonetheless can’t go away.

Another variation of this riddle in on-line groups or completely totally different web pages incorporates ‘I have keys but no locks’ which is form of very like the riddle above.

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