The Best Shooter Games in 2022


Many people very like online games. After all, they give players adrenaline because they can compete with other people. In addition, online games can also usually be played on both old and modern PCs — so everyone can access online games easily. However, please check the system requirement or try the demo before buying the game.


We have listed the best online shooter games for PC in 2022 that are still worth playing. See them below!

The Best Shooter Games in 2022

1. Valorant

Everyone plays this game nowadays. Valiant, a game that beautifully combines FPS and MOBA-like elements, has gained many players. 

Not only deathmatch, but you can also find lots of other modes, like Spike Rush and Replication. And pay attention to each Agent since they have different abilities that can be useful to bring you to the winning side.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The game is often called the legendary FPS game that still exists. Counter-Strike Global Offensive not only brings a new title but also changes the graphics according to the current graphics and, of course, the classic taste of CSGO itself.

The gameplay that is carried is not much different from the CSGO games in the past. From battles where there is no iron sight, gamers only rely on existing crosshairs and maps that are still the same as the old series. This a familiar call to veteran gamers.

This is a big step for the Valve developer by bringing his latest product back to the surface and pulling it again from the depth.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

After briefly releasing a Call of Duty series specifically designed to make the Battle-Royale mode the main attraction, COD: Black Ops 4, in the past two years, Activision is trying to repeat the same success. The decision to adopt this similar mode does not exist with the “original plagiarism” system, which does not offer a new and different identity. 

Given the visual and mechanical base, as well as the variety of alternative weapons they carry, coming from Modern Warfare Reboot, which is more rooted in modern war conflicts, this concept has produced a significant difference. But believe it or not, even though on the surface it looks the same as Battle Royale games in general, this mode called “Warzone” can offer a quite different experience.

Activision’s strategy to make COD: Warzone a free-to-play game is, of course, clear. This method is certainly more effective in attracting gamers worldwide from all platforms, especially considering the quality and sensation of Call of Duty gunplay, which is its basis. 

It is expected that at least from the millions of gamers who join this mode, there will be a large enough percentage who are interested in buying the full version of Modern Warfare or just glancing at the Battle Pass, which contains a variety of cosmetic items that can be pursued. 

As mentioned on their website, the players need a fast internet connection to play the game online. We highly recommend using a VPN because there are many things to do to keep your internet running faster. VPN for playing Call of Duty is best to maintain a good internet connection while effectively reducing lags and spikes. However, always get the best VPN services since quality determines how smoothly the game will run.

4. PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a viral battle royale game — you could say this game has popularized the battle royale genre over the last few years. Upon starting the game, you are stranded in a place, and you have to find loot and survive other players.

Although lately, PUBG: Battlegrounds players have started to decrease, this game is still worth playing for you, especially this battle royale you can play for free.

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another popular battle royal FPS game that’s currently still maintaining its popularity as one of the best online games for PC. Unlike most battle royales with slow gameplay, Apex Legends has fast-paced gameplay.

You don’t have to spend much time looting since you will always be faced with a battle to survive as the last squad.

6. Fortnite

Another best online game for PC is Fortnite, a trendy survival battle royale game. If you are looking for a battle royale that is quite different, you can play this one game because the ability to create buildings makes Fortnite a unique battle royale game.

But if you find it difficult to build a building, you can also play the no-build mode – neither the enemy nor you can build a wall that is usually used for defense.



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