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The altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole continues to spiral out of control as more elements get involved. With the situation escalating drastically, Green’s mother, Mary Barbers-Green, also took to social media to defend her son.

The Golden State Warriors face quite a problematic situation on their hands. Considering the manner in which the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation has escalated, the team is facing some serious internal strife.

The situation appeared to be fairly calm at first as the matter was being dealt with internally. However, after footage of the “fight” was released by TMZ, the Warriors found themselves in the middle of a lot of drama.

With a whirlpool of problems surrounding them, the Dubs were forced to take some action. In this regard, Green and the Warriors mutually agreed to see the forward step away from the team for some time.

The situation itself has caused a lot of internal strife which will see Green having to earn the trust of his teammates again. However, while Green has issued an apology, his mother, Mary Barbers-Green, stepped in to defend her son on social media.

In a recent tweet, Green’s mother wrote:

“That wasn’t a sucker punch. Dray didn’t aggressively go to Poole. His hands were down. Man to man you go over to talk (to ask what’s up, what you say)! Got shoved and reacted.. End of story!”

Mary Barbers-Green isn’t completely wrong in her assessment of the situation. Considering that Draymond Green approached Jordan Poole with his hands down, Poole initiated first contact by shoving the former.

Green’s mother has since gone on to delete her account. Whether this could be indicative of any further developments is unknown. The Golden State Warriors have launched an internal investigation to find out who leaked the video.

Draymond Green to rejoin the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green during player introductions
Draymond Green during player introductions

In light of the recent controversy, Draymond Green made the decision to step away from the team for an undisclosed amount of time. With both the player and the organization needing space and time to recover from the situation, Green chose to do what was best for himself and the team.

After missing a couple of team practices and preseason games, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr stated that Green would be returning to the team on Thursday.

Draymond Green will rejoin the team on Thursday, Steve Kerr says. He has been fined but not suspended. Kerr says he will play in the team’s final preseason game on Friday, and will be available on opening night.

Mentioning that the forward was merely fined and not suspended, Kerr also mentioned that Green would be available for games going forward. He also mentioned that prior to Green’s return, the forward had a “great discussion” with Jordan Poole.

The process of regaining trust is definitely a positive sight for the Golden State Warriors. Considering the role Green plays in the Warriors’ system, the team needs him to be on the floor.

With hopes of repeating title success on the agenda, the Golden State Warriors will hope to return to familiar form soon. Playing their first game against the LA Lakers on Oct. 18, the Dubs will hope to start the season off with a win

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