Saraya made her AEW debut a few weeks ago at Dynamite: Grand Slam


Following her AEW debut, Saraya was recently criticized by, and then got into a social media argument, with Jim Cornette.

On a podcast episode, Cornette wondered how Saraya was medically cleared to wrestle in AEW when WWE hadn’t cleared her. He then passed a judgment that WWE thought she couldn’t get cleared to wrestle by their standards so “maybe she should go somewhere where the standards are lower.”

The former WWE star was not happy about this. She recently took to Twitter to call out the dirt sheets and also took a dig at Cornette. She wrote:

“Dirt sheets. Podcasters and an old man that loves to have his voice heard even if it’s full of sh*t (cornette) loves to talk about me. You’re welcome for the clicks and views.”

In response to the tweet, Cornette took digs at the former NXT Women’s Champion by asking her to be “more interesting”.

“Thank you for the “You’re welcome”, but the last clip we spoke about you in has yet to outperform “Jerry Jarrett’s locker room fight with Dandy Jack Donovan in 1973″, so please try to be more interesting. Thanks.”

Check out Cornette’s tweet at this link.

Twitter users criticized Saraya after her back-and-forth with Jim Cornette

In reaction to Jim Cornette’s tweet to Saraya, the Twitterati trolled the former WWE star heavily.

One user suggested that Cornette went easy on the AEW star with his reply, while others stated their minds about the 30-year-old.

A portion of fans even claimed that the former Paige wasn’t a good enough draw for the professional wrestling industry.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

@seanpn89 @TheJimCornette Relax. The drive-thru is recorded today. I’m sure that they will talk about this on the podcast ?

@TheJimCornette Don’t worry Paige… You’ll be on Dark in a month, he doesn’t review those shows. So you should be fine. Hang in there for a few weeks

Saraya made her AEW debut at Dynamite: Grand Slam when she confronted Britt Baker.

AEW has teased the idea of the former WWE star facing Baker in her return and first-ever match in the promotion.

Last week on Dynamite, Saraya engaged in a physical altercation after attacking Baker and Rebel. She was also recently cleared to compete and it remains to be seen if she will step foot in the ring in the near future or not.

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