Sara Lee tragically passed away on October 6th 2022


Former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake recently had to endure the most horrific of ordeals after his wife Sara Lee passed away. With so many tributes for her coming out, an old interview of Blake retelling how he met his late wife has resurfaced.

Prior to marrying the former NXT Tag Team Champion, Lee was blazing her own trail as she won the sixth season of the WWE reality TV show, Tough Enough, in which she earned a contract with the company. She would later go on to marry Wesley Blake in 2017.

In 2021, Blake spoke with Chris Van Vliet where he was asked by a wrestling journalist how he met the future mother of his children.

“We met at the Performance Center. When Tough Enough was coming out I used to go to a friends apartment and we used to watch it. I will never forget when they announced the 11 Tough Enough people. When Sarah came across the screen, I said to the guys ‘I don’t know what it is, but I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.’ We started talking on the NXT Combine. We were doing some weight room testing. We did the rower and I did so much where I threw up. I was in the weight room, head over a trash can as the girls were about to start, great first impression [laughs]. She was so sweet that later on that night she massed me on Twitter saying ‘Hey I hope you feel better.’ And from there it just took off.” [H/T]

Although her cause of death has not yet been released to the public, Sara Lee leaves behind three beautiful children and her husband Wesley Blake, all of whom will look to carry her name.

WWE star Bayley recently paid tribute to Sara Lee

Somebody who worked with the the former Tough Enough winner at the start of her WWE career was Bayley, who joined the company at a similar time to Lee.

Following on from Sara Lee’s tragic death, the former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion took to Twitter where she posted a heartfelt message to her friends and family.

“In wrestling, people that you didn’t know yesterday can become the ones you spend every day with for years. Even if that changes for whatever reason, there’s forever a bond. A family. I’m thinking of EVERYONE during this time. I hope Sara & the Weston family feels our hearts.”

Earlier this month at Extreme Rules, Bayley had the spirit of her close friend with her during her match against Bianca Belair as she had the name ‘Sara’ across her wrist tape.

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