Rina Arano Japanese P0rn Star Death News : Hello friends The dead body of Japanese busy film star Rina Arano, missing for several days, was recovered from a remote forest. She was reported missing by her family on 8 June and 4 days after that i.e. on 14 June, the dead body of Reina Arano was found from a remote forest. Earlier, Reena was last seen with a man on June 5 after which she went missing. Let’s know what is the whole incident?

Rina Arano Japanese P0rn Star Death News

The dead body of a Japanese adult film star who went missing after June 5 was found in a remote forest on June 14. Japanese West film star Rina Arano was 23 years old. The news of Reena Arano’s disappearance was informed by her family members to the police on June 8. Earlier, Reena Aruna was last seen with a man on June 5, 3 days after her family members reported her missing. In the picture recorded on the CCTV camera, Reena can be seen in the car with 33-year-old Hiroyuki Sampei outside a train station in Ibaraki. Reena did not answer the calls made by her family on behalf of Arano for 3 days after which the family members filed a missing report. After this the police started looking for him from 8th June and on 14th June his naked dead body was found tied to a tree in a remote forest.

Police issued statement

Giving information about the incident, the police said in their statement that Reena Aruna was found tied to a tree without clothes and has been dead for almost two weeks. We are still trying to ascertain the cause of death. The man he was with last time has also been questioned. After the post-mortem report on June 21, the police believe that he was strangled to death.

Hiroyuki Sampei arrested by police

Arano’s body was found about 1 mile from the villa owned by Hiroyuki and is the same man who was last seen with Reina. After this the police arrested Hiroyuki Sampei on suspicion of kidnapping Rina. Although he has denied the allegations and said that Reina had taken Arano to his villa but then dropped him after a nearby store.


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