Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers


The Indiana Pacers got some unfortunate news before their first game of the season as Myles Turner tweaked his ankle during warm-up and is now ruled out against the Washington Wizards.

REPORT: Myles Turner “tweaked” his ankle during warmups and will not play season opener vs. the Wizards.(via @ScottAgness)

The 26-year-old has had some injury history in the past, so this is certainly something to keep an eye on. Hopefully, it’s nothing more than just an ankle twist and he is ready for the next game.

Turner was also on the LA Lakers’ radar during the offseason and their interest in him could reignite soon depending on how the season progresses. The Pacers will therefore, be smart and not play risk playing him until he is fully healthy.

Indiana will be taking on the Washington Wizards in what should be one of the more interesting games of the night on Wednesday for a few different reasons. Neither of these teams are expected to be competitive this season, but Washington could be a sneaky playoff team if they click.

Indiana, at the moment, is likely to be at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and have a chance of acquiring Victor Wembanyama in the draft next year.

Let’s see how this plays out for the Indiana Pacers, but Turner’s injury is definitely bad news. In 42 games last season, Myles Turner averaged 12.9 points and 7.1 rebounds per game.

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