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Queen Elizabeth ll died peacefully at her residence in Balmoral yesterday afternoon. As head of state, she was the richest member of the Royal Family. But what was the Queen’s web worth, and what’s going to happen to that money now?

Yesterday afternoon, Buckingham Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth ll had died peacefully at her residence in Balmoral. The 96-year-old handed with two of her kids, King Charles lll and Princess Anne, by her side. Her dying means the highest of her 70-year reign over Great Britain and the Commonwealth, the longest in British historic previous. Understandably, she was the richest member of the Royal Family, nonetheless what was the Queen’s web worth?

The Queen’s web worth

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As of 2022, the Queen’s web worth was estimated at $500 million, making her the richest member of the Royal Family. After taking over the throne, Queen Elizabeth inherited her father’s, King George Vl, fortune upon his dying in 1952. She moreover had intensive property holdings all through Great Britain.

How did she get her money?

The Royal Family is principally funded by the taxpayer, an settlement that began with King George lll once more inside the 1700s. Known as a result of the Sovereign Grant, these funds are a set annual charge used for all of the Royal Family. As of 2021 and 2022, the Sovereign Grant was £86 million every year.

This money coated journey costs, security, and official engagements.

However, there are various other ways by which she made her money. The Royal Family’s precise property has a gross worth of $28 billion. Though lots of these properties are palaces and official Royal residences, many are private properties which may be leased out. Buckingham Palace, the costliest of the properties, is worth £1.55 billion. She moreover owned the Crown Estate, certainly one of many largest property homeowners inside the UK, In 2021, Crown Estates launched in a web earnings income of £312.7 million.

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The family moreover has a extremely huge and priceless art work assortment. Held all through many properties, the gathering comprises the works of Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, and da Vinci. Her assortment is claimed to be worth $5 billion

The Queen moreover had an enormous funding portfolio, estimated to be worth $3 million.

However, most of her income is simply as a consequence of being the daughter, and granddaughter of a monarch. This meant that any fortune accrued by them instantly turned hers when she turned Queen.

What will happen to the Queen’s money?

After her passing yesterday, the Queen’s fortune will in all probability be handed to her eldest son, the now King Charles lll. As most are technically owned by the Royal Firm, the institution of the monarchy, King Charles lll obtained’t receive this money straight. This could even not formally happen until he’s topped at his coronation.

As of however, the date of King Charles lll’s coronation simply isn’t recognized.

Instead, the King will receive the personal property left to him by his late mother. However, any property he receives from his mother received’t be taxed. Typically, estates with a price of £325,000 or additional are taxed at 40%, nonetheless since an settlement was drawn in 1993, any property handed from one sovereign to a unique are exempt from this.



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