Hello friends, sad news is coming out of Bihar, as you all know that the Government of India has come up with an Agneepath scheme, which is being opposed, and the country is performing in different states. But let us tell you that the protest against the Agneepath scheme of the central government has become fierce now. Protesters have torched passenger trains in Chhapra and Kaimur. About 12 trains were vandalized at Chhapra Junction, according to the latest information that is coming out, 3 trains have been set on fire, after which there was an atmosphere of chaos at the station. So let’s know what is the whole matter?

Protest Against Agneepath Scheme in Bihar Live Update

Angry youth are raising slogans against the central government and Agneepath scheme. Due to which rail traffic has come to a complete halt. To control the furious mob, Bihar Police has fired tear gas shells at the miscreants. Let us tell you that on Thursday, the train was stopped by the crowd in Jehanabad, Buxar and Nawada. After arson on the road in Chhapra and Munger, there was a fierce demonstration, the question must be coming in your mind that what is the demand of these protesters? So for your information, let us tell you that there is a demand of the people that the government should withdraw its decision, for this demonstrations are being held in many other districts of Bihar.

MLA attacked

According to the latest information that has come out now, Warisaliganj MLA Aruna Devi was attacked by protesters in Nawada. According to media reports, the MLA was present in the vehicle during the attack, in which there was a narrow escape. In a conversation with the media, the MLA told that suddenly 15 to 20 youths arrived and attacked the vehicle.

What is Agneepath Yojana?

You might also want to know that what is the Agneepath scheme after all? So for your information, let us tell you that under this program known as ‘Agneepath Scheme’, now youth will be recruited in the armies, youths recruited under the Agneepath scheme will have to serve in the army for 4 years. After this, 25% of the youth will be enlisted in the army forever, and 75% of the youth will be released from service with a huge amount. However, the government will provide them full support to find jobs in the private sector. Are you in support of Agneepath scheme? Or not? Do tell your opinion by commenting in the comment box.


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