Journalism is an indelible part of our daily lives that keeps us connected to the world and informed about events, activities, and national/international affairs. Without journalism and the force working in the background collecting, assessing, processing, and presenting the information called news, the life of human beings will be misinformed and directionless. Journalism not only presents the various aspects of the same thing before us, but it also helps us analyze and form an opinion about politics, communities, and the world in which we co-exist.

What makes Journalism an extraordinary phenomenon is its facilitation of freedom of expression. They say the words are more potent than the sword is, which journalism has always exemplified. Journalism not only hands you a pen to write down your thoughts but also a power to enlighten, unite and empower the masses to fight against the evils of society. India’s independence is still the live example that shows what power transformation journalism possesses.

Numbers of years have passed by, but the role and responsibility of journalism have been the same; in fact, they have been increased. With the changing time and technological advancement, journalism has moulted out the old way it functioned. Today, journalism has shifted to the online world significantly, adding instantaneousness and ease in presenting the news to a massive number of people.

The most commendable thing about today’s journalism is its inclusiveness. Anybody willing to contribute to the nation through journalism can do so with the help of the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. is an example that illustrates how the internet can help you foray into journalism with minimal investment. Gone were the days when you would have to pursue professional media and mass communication courses and then wait until a big media house hired you. The situation today has changed completely.
You neither have to spend lakhs of rupees on journalism courses nor do you have to rely on the big media houses to begin your journalism., founded by Salim Razvi in June 2017, runs on the concept of independent journalism that took shape in recent years. It’s a platform for young and enthusiastic people who desire to bring a positive change in their surroundings.

The online news portal aims to become a voice for the voiceless, the oppressed and victimized people. Moreover, the online news portal covers more than a dozen categories, including entertainment, Bollywood, music, business, world and politics.

Since the inception of in 2017, the portal has posted remarkable growth. Its reach and impressions on the search engines motivate the team to work diligently. From zero to thousands of daily visitors on the site, has thrived significantly. Most of the readers belong to the age group of 18 to 30, which the founder of the portal believes is the right audience he wants to reach, engage and protect from being influenced by fake news.

Salim Razvi, the founder of, says independent journalism is a product of the internet and powered by itself. Journalism does not need educational qualifications but daring to speak the truth.


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