Booker T is a six-time world champion

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently stood shoulder-to-shoulder with two of AEW’s most popular stars, Anthony Bowens and Max Caster (The Acclaimed).

Booker T is a two-time Hall of Famer and was arguably one of the major attractions during his time in WCW and WWE. In WCW, Booker claimed a whopping 11 tag team title reigns alongside being a five-time world champion. After moving to WWE, the legend bagged a world championship and three tag team titles alongside other accolades.

He was also part of the legendary tag team called Harlem Heat alongside Stevie Ray.

The Acclaimed, meanwhile, are yet to capture any gold together, having only started their tandem in 2020.

However, they can at least add Booker’s adulation to their honors list, as the trio appeared to be in good spirits in a Twitter post from Bowens.

“Booker T loves the Acclaimed. Everyone loves the Acclaimed…Suckaaa,” Bowens wrote.

You can check out the tweet below:


Not too long ago, Booker T also teased a dream match with two other AEW Stars, Dax Harwood, and Cash Wheeler.

How fans reacted to The Acclaimed being snapped alongside the WWE Hall of Famer

Appearing alongside Booker T was bound to draw in users with “scissor”-based puns, considering The Acclaimed’s catchphrase and that the WCW legend made use of the Scissor Kick as one of his finishers.

Check out some examples below:

Being snapped with someone with such deep ties to WWE was sure to prompt some remarks, including a user who expressed their desire to see the pair make their way to the promotion in the new “TV-14 era”.

It remains to be seen whether the two men will make their move to World Wrestling Entertainment any time soon. The Acclaimed are currently in the midst of a feud with The Gunn Club after Austin, Cole, and Hall of Famer Billy Gunn turned on them.

What do you make of Bowens and Caster’s photo with Booker T? Let us know in the comments section below.

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