Durant could be joining the Celtics team that swept him in the NBA playoffs.

The Boston Celtics have emerged as contenders to land Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant. While some are happy about the possibility of landing the star forward, one former Celtics player is against it.

For the Boston Celtics, reaching the NBA finals last season marked their best postseason in over a decade. Still, the Celtics lost in the finals and are looking for ways to improve to win the championship next year.

Former Celtics star and NBA champion Antoine Walker believes that trading for Durant is not the best move for his former team.

“I am so disappointed this morning because I think this is a terrible decision. This will be a terrible decision to go in, and I know people will be like, ‘This is Kevin Durant. This is arguably a top three player in the league! Of course, you make a trade for that.’ You don’t tear up what you’ve worked so hard to build.”

Walker may have a point about tearing down what the Celtics have built, as trade talks are built around the young stars. Walker believes the Celtics are already making progress and do not need to acquire Durant to improve further.

“We are talking about a team that is young,” Walker said. “I know everybody hates to talk about age, but … Jaylen Brown is 25, Tatum is 24, Smart’s 28, Robert Williams is 24. Your core is young. You just lost in the sixth game of the finals. Everything is in place, and I was just giving them praise for having the best summer, to me, out of every team in the league.”

Jaylen Brown is reportedly at the center of the trade package. But trading away the former All-Star, along with other pieces, could jeopardize the future of the Celtics, according to Walker.

While Walker’s concerns about the Celtics’ future after the trade are valid, the Celtics want Durant for a reason. The question is, will it be worth Jaylen Brown to do it?

Jaylen Brown could be the best player the Boston Celtics could give the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant

Jayson Tatum, left, and Jaylen Brown will be done as a duo if Brown is traded for Durant.
Jayson Tatum, left, and Jaylen Brown will be done as a duo if Brown is traded for Durant.

Over the past few years, the Boston Celtics have built the franchise around the duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. The pair could now split as part of a trade for Kevin Durant.

Given the level of talent involved in the deal, Brown could be vital to the Durant deal if Tatum is not engaged.

Brown will be part of the price if the Celtics want to go all in for Durant. Since Brooklyn appears to want more in the offer, it could cost another young core member to complete the deal.

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