Giancarlo Stanton (left), Aaron Judge (middle) and Nestor Cortes (right) can all be found on MLB Sorare.

MLB Sorare, an NFT-based free-to-play baseball game, which is played with digital cards, is set to be fantasy baseball’s next revolution.

Fans can enter their cards into a variety of tournaments. They will earn points based on real-life performances and results. The cards will earn XP each time you compete in a tournament.

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“We are LIVE! Our Marketplace is OPEN. All @MLB players in Limited and Rare cards are up for grabs… starting now. Not to mention, some Super Rares. Check everything out at

Tournaments can be found in the lobby on Sorare’s website. Currently, all tournaments are of the “Common All-Star” format, which is open to all.

Upon winning enough of these tournaments, you will get Rare player cards. These cards will enable you to join higher scarcity tournaments starting in August.

Rare All Star competition begins in Game Week 4!Here’s the rundown: 🔴 Managers need at least 4 Rare cards and can use up to 3 Limited cards.🔴 One Rare card will need to be a pitcher.More info here!

Before you dive deep into MLB Sorare, it’s important to understand how Card Level and Bonus works in the game.

How does Card Level and Bonus work in MLB Sorare?

There are four kinds of cards in MLB Sorare – Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Every card in the game has a level associated with it, based on the experience points (XP) it has earned. Each level carries a bonus increment of 0.5% on the card’s score.

Limited cards start at level 0 (+0% bonus), while Rare cards start at level 20 (+10% bonus). Super Rare cards start at level 40 (+20% bonus) and Unique cards start at level 80 (+40% bonus).

Cards will also get a +5% bonus this term. Once the next season gets underway, that bonus will be nullified. However, the bonuses earned during the ongoing campaign will remain.

XP Formula – Every card that you use in a tournament will earn XP for that Game Week, based on the formula: XP = (base XP + player score XP).

Base XP = 75, while player score XP = the total score of the team that the player card was used in, multiplied by 0.125.

For example, if you play Aaron Judge and your team for that week scores 240 points, your Aaron Judge card will earn 105 XP – 75 base, and 30 (240 * 0.125) for how the team performed.

Leveling Up – Cards earn XP linearly based on how frequently they are used, but they level up more slowly over time.

For further details on Sorare’s Rare NFTs visit: Sorare: Own Your Game


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