Logan Paul impressed many as a WWE star!

Despite being a newcomer to WWE, Logan Paul put on one of the most enthralling matches at SummerSlam. The social media megastar commented on his performance in a post on Twitter.

Logan faced off against friend-turned-foe The Miz in what was his second ever pro wrestling match. The YouTuber fared extremely well on his own on the big stage, performing moves like The Frog Splash with ease. He hit a Skull-crushing Finale to pick up the victory.

Taking to Twitter after the historic bout, Logan stated that he may have found “his calling” in pro wrestling. He also shared a highlight video of his match against The Miz:

Logan Paul’s victory was well-received by the WWE Universe

Logan Paul inked a deal with the Stamford-based promotion last month to become a prominent member of their roster.

The YouTuber wasted no time in going after The Miz. The A-Lister betrayed him after their tag team match at The Show of Shows. The duo finally got to settle their differences at the Biggest Party of the Summer, with Paul emerging victorious in his first singles match.

Logan’s victory was also met with a positive response from fans in attendance. The social media sensation was hailed as a “natural” by The WWE Universe, who were firmly behind him for the entire duration of the match.

The company’s new head of the creative department, Triple H, also showered praise upon Logan, calling his performance a result of hard work and dedication:

It’s hard to predict the next time fans will see Logan in action again, as the YouTube megastar is reportedly on a limited appearances deal. However, with his athletic abilities and unmatched charisma, it is bound to be special.

What are your thoughts on Logan Paul’s performance? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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