Watergate occurred 50 years in the previous. Its legacies are nonetheless with us.

Unless you’ve been residing beneath a rock, you have to to have head of Pink Sauce.

The candy, shiny pink condiment, which many declare tastes like a watery ranch, has taken over TikTok and the rest of social media this month.

Videos with the hashtag #pinksauce have had a staggering 296 million views on the video-sharing app and loads of are concerned about its safety.

The creator behind the model new dipping sauce, who many title ‘Pink Sauce lady’, is a girl recognized as Chef Pii, nonetheless who really is she? Read on to go looking out out…

Who is Chef Pii?

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Veronica Shaw, increased referred to as Chef Pii, is a private and famous person chef from Miami.

On her site, she calls herself an “expressional artist” who has had a passion for cooking since she was eight years outdated.

She reveals that she was launched up by her grandmother who taught her southern mannequin of cooking and instilled the “importance of accuracy”. 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to experiment with different flavors and colors,” she offers sooner than saying she is on a regular basis rising her culinary experience.

Pii’s prices start at $25.99 per head for her top quality catering, extending to $75.99 per particular person and $111 per head for additional luxurious corporations.

She moreover affords private dinning and mixology and lists her contact particulars in order that people can e-book her “innovative” catering.

“My methods and passion for creating delectably unique meals, truly sets me apart from the rest,” Chef Pii reveals.

Thanks to her viral pink sauce, Chef Pii has flip into internet well-known on every Instagram and TikTok.

Her Instagram profile appears to have been shortly eradicated correct now, nonetheless she has gathered over 136,000 followers on the video-sharing app.

The condiment is a dipping sauce, like mayonnaise or ketchup, that’s shiny pink in coloration and is obtainable in an infinite bottle with a shiny yellow lid.

The foremost parts are sunflower seed oil, dragon fruit, honey, chilli and garlic and loads of have described it as tasting similar to ranch.

In the suggestions of thought-about considered one of her outdated videos, Pii described it as “sweet, spicy and tangy” and it’s designed to be eaten with completely something. 

On her TikTok, the chef has eaten it with gyros, fried hen, cucumber and quite a lot of totally different meals – and it retails at $20 per bottle.

Chef Pii shuts down the backlash

The sauce has gone viral as many have grown concerned about its safety, nonetheless Pii suggested Glamour that it’s a very new product and is because of this reality going by the use of “trial and error”.

“The Pink Sauce has only been a product for 20 days, literally. We have been going through trial and error just like any other business,” she said.

In response to of us receiving damaged bottles of Pink Sauce, she said: “It was our fault. We should’ve used boxes instead of bags.”

Others have grown concerned that the shade of pink appeared to fluctuate to a lighter pink, which Pii assured Glamour was intentional.

“When you put too much dragonfruit inside of the, you know, it makes you poop red,” she said. “It’s like if you eat too much beets. So I didn’t want people like, ‘Oh, my sh*t is pink’.”

“We use it, my children use it,” she concluded. “They’re creating an issue because I created something great.”


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