Woo Lotti Death Video Twitter Viral


Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that garnered everyone’s attention. The clip features Woo Lotti, the young rapper, getting stabbed. The shocking video has taken over all the social media platforms and has become one of the most discussed things right now. No one seems to believe the fact that he has died. Woo was too young to have left the world and his family in profound grief. Here, in this article, let us find out what happened to him and how did he die. Scroll below for complete details.

Woo Lotti Death Video Twitter Viral

According to reports, Woo Lotti was stabbed by a mysterious group. Yes, it is coming forward that a group of people went toward him and attacked him with a knife that sadly claimed his life. Now, the video clip of the horrifying incident has captured the attention of everyone as it is going viral. However, how the video went viral and why the young rapper was killed happens to be unknown yet. Besides, the identity of the killers has also not been revealed yet.

Woo Lotti Death Twitter Video

The investigation into the case happens to be ongoing as the cops are trying to find out all the details. Well, let us also tell you that the incident two years ago. Yes, you read it right. As per reports, the rapper was killed in 2020 but the video clip of him getting killed by a knife has surfaced now. It is trending on numerous social media platforms and is garnering the attention of a large section of people.

As mentioned already, we do not know what was the motive of the killers behind this horrific murder. The rapper was quite young and had just started to look forward to making his career in the rapping world. Before he could achieve anything, Woo was brutally murdered. It is coming forward that the attackers, whose identities remain unknown, ambushed and murdered the rapper. Reports claim that after getting attacked, Woo Lotti fell to the ground.

After he fell, he was attacked and stabbed by the group. Taking his health into consideration, Woo was taken to the hospital. As per reports, he was transported to Harlem Hospital. Despite being given all the best medical facilities and care, he could not be saved and breathed his last there and then only. Now, his fans are expressing their sadness about his demise by taking to social media. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.



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