Kundali Bhagya


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, the worker brings the Aarti Thali. It takes place in the Mandir. When Maa Saheb asks about Shekhar, Preeta, and Rishab are both welcomed to the place. Preeta calls Maa Sahab Rani Sahab, but she points out that everyone refers to her as Maa Sahab. Shekar also extends a warm welcome to Rishab and Preeta from the balcony. He asks if they had any trouble getting here and introduces his mother when Rishab says they have already met her. Shekar says they came for the sale of their Mumbai palace.

Kundali Bhagya

Maa Sahab says she thought they were a new couple. Preeta is fascinated by the dance when she is brought there, and she too begins to dance when she experiences an odd emotion, which leads her to notice Arjun at the entrance. Shekhar goes to welcome him too. He further enquires if he did not face any difficulty. When Rishab says they’ve already met his mother, Shekar introduces his mother and says they’ve come to discuss the sale of their Mumbai castle. Maa Sahab says she believed they were a new couple and one of the visitors because she sometimes forgets some of them.

Preeta is fascinated by the dance when she is brought there. Preeta also begins to dance when she gets a strange feeling, and as a result, she sees Arjun standing at the entrance. Shekar goes to greet him and asks if he encountered any difficulties. Rishab is enraged upon seeing him and immediately approaches him, leaving Shekar perplexed. Since they have already signed the contract and the King was very impressed with his proposal, Rishab queries what is going on. Rishab, who is still unable to comprehend what is happening, asks whether the purchase is still finalized or if there are any ifs and buts.

Shekar responds that there are some issues because his father has gotten older and is now in the hospital, so he is managing the business. Since the papers were not the official ones, Shekar comments that the contract is now void, and Rishab is aware that without them the documents have no legal significance. He then says Arjun presented them with a proposition yesterday, which is also very lovely. It is no doubt to say that the story of Kundali Bhagya is getting more interesting every day. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more written updates.



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