kumkum Bhagya


In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea cries and tells Aaliya that she planned so many things but she did not get anything. She asks Aaliya when she will fight. Aaliya does not understand and asks her what happened to her. She tells that it always happens. Aaliya asks Rhea not to cry and reminds her that she is Mehra’s daughter. Rhea cries. Aaliya says that she will go and talk to Prachi. Rhea gets emotional and says that she only has Aaliya in this world and nobody else.

kumkum Bhagya

In the next scene, Rhea tells Aaliya that she found Shahana and Prachi searching for her pregnancy reports. Aaliya says that she had already told her this. Rhea says that she knows but at that time she was crying seeing Ranbir and Prachi getting close. She further adds that she is scared that Prachi will separate her from the family and that she does not want that. Aaliya asks her to relax as everything will be fine and says that she feels that she will not kill Prachi. Rhea says that she does not want either of them to get trapped.

Aaliya says that they will make her death look like an accident. She says that tomorrow is a big day but it will be the darker day for Prachi who will light the candle but will light herself. Upon hearing that, Rhea smiles. The next day, the tailor comes to Aaliya. She gives her two Dupattas on which 1 and 2 were written on the chits. He claims that number one is custom-made for you, while number two is a copy. If it will work, Aaliya queries. 100%, the tailor replies, asking her to let him know if she has any upcoming work.

He leaves. Prachi, your Diwali present is ready and will assist you in the explosion, adds Aaliya. Priya is standing when she turns around. What is she doing here, she queries. For Diwali, Priya claims to be cleaning the house. She requests that I keep it in the room. Says Aaliya, “No.” Pallavi is standing when she turns around. She tells her a fib about having obtained a dupatta from a temple for Rhea before thinking of Prachi and realizing that doing so would make her feel guilty. The story of the serial is getting quite interesting every passing day. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.



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