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Russell Westbrook, once again the main topic in Los Angeles, addressed some of what he considers misconceptions about a video that went viral a few days ago.

During the Lakers‘ preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Westbrook caught the eye of many onlookers. In a video posted on Twitter, Westbrook was seen not taking part in the Lakers’ huddle before the preseason game. If it was because of his pregame ritual, it wasn’t captured in his favor.

Russell Westbrook appeared to stand off to the side during the Lakers’ pregame huddle on Wednesday against the Timberwolves.? @_michaelmorales10 on Instagram https://t.co/DAVkZISSwv

During the Lakers’ practice the following day, he was asked about the incident. Saying that it was cut off for the sake of the internet, Westbrook said:

“I’ve been doing the same rituals since I’ve been in the league. I’m pretty sure you guys can attest to that. That’s why the other video, I was actually talking to the coaches and they cut that video in half as well. I was talking to the coaches about the miscoverages.

“I don’t pay no mind to it, man. I’m just trying to compete and do my job. … You can cut any video and make anything you want out of it. It’s not up to me to be able to judge that.

“I know I’m a genuine team player. I never had a problem being with my teammates, and Imma continue to do what I’ve been doing.”

“You can cut any video and make anything you want out of it. … I know I’m a genuine team player.”Russ explains the pregame and team huddle videos that went viral from the Lakers’ preseason loss vs. the Timberwolves(via @mcten)https://t.co/k1alxPsMzb

After the huddle video went viral, another video showed him interacting with his teammates. It proved Westbrook’s point that people are going after him and making him look bad.

A Russell Westbrook clip where he’s seen away from another huddle is making the rounds. If you peep the entire video, though, Russ was with his Lakers teammates at the start. ? (? _michaelmorales10/IG) https://t.co/y72eF9dDni

It appears that Westbrook has created good chemistry with the team despite what others think of him. Being under the microscope again, the 2016-17 MVP may see a ton of doctored videos this season.

Russell Westbrook could get traded this season

LA Lakers guard Russell Westbrook
LA Lakers guard Russell Westbrook

The LA Lakers are coming into the season trying to bounce back from last season’s 33-49 run. However, this season might just be a repeat of what happened.

Over the summer, the team failed to improve the roster. Additionally, the front office failed to trade Russell Westbrook, the player the Lakers wanted to ship out so badly. No team was interested in accepting an aging superstar with a big $44 million left on his deal.

Interestingly, if the Lakers can pull a miracle this season, it could mean differently for Westbrook. Their rumored trade regarding Kyrie Iving and the Brooklyn Nets is off the table. It’s clear that the Nets aren’t trading Irving after Kevin Durant retracted his trade demand.

It’s a huge task for the Lakers’ front office to look for a possible trade suitor for the nine-time All-Star. They could just add another first-round pick to their trade proposal for the Indiana Pacers to acquire Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. But general manager Rob Pelinka isn’t convinced that it’ll be enough to get the Lakers back into being competitive.

It might be another roller coaster of a season for the LA Lakers and Russell Westbrook.

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