The Judgment Day will be in action at WWE Crown Jewel against The OC


Wrestling fans on Twitter have reacted to the idea of Edge possibly returning as the leader of The Judgment Day.

The Rated-R Superstar was previously booted out of the faction by Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, with Finn Balor coming in as the replacement. Priest and Ripley were originally recruited into the group by their former leader.

Twitter user @JoeMashups recently tweeted out the idea of WWE swerving fans by bringing Edge back as the leader of the current version of The Judgment Day.

In reaction to the same, fans came up with their theories. While some were in favor of the idea, others simply rejected it.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

@JoeMashups It should have been this with Edge playing a “higher power,” meaning he didn’t have to be there week in, week out. None of them wanted to upset their “master,” and it could have led to a quality match with Rey vs. Edge one last time for corrupting his son.

They honestly do need a vet to keep this going and bring back the mystique of the group because its getting vanilla and boring.…

I’ve always felt Edge should’ve stayed in TJD. Finn has been a good leader but Edge would’ve definitely been better.…

Since being betrayed by his former stablemates, Edge has been feuding with Balor, Ripley, Priest, and more recently Dominik Mysterio.

At Clash at the Castle, he teamed up with Rey Mysterio to face Balor and Priest in a winning effort. However, post-match, Dominik betrayed his father and the WWE legend. He then joined forces with Balor and co.

D-Von Dudley is open to a WWE return to help Edge in his feud with Judgment Day

D-Von Dudley has claimed that he and Bubba Ray Dudley are open to returning to WWE. He added that they are available to help Edge in his feud with Judgment Day.

Speaking recently on Sony Sports Network’s Extraaa Dhamaal show, D-Von spoke about Edge’s recent “I Quit” match loss to Finn Balor. He claimed that a stipulation is needed to make sure the rest of Balor’s stablemates don’t interfere in a potential rematch:

“A rematch is definitely in order. But there needs to be a stipulation,” said D-Von. “You can’t have the other guys come in. You can’t have Damian and Rhea and that little traitor Dominik — you can’t have them come in and interfere in this match. Whether you do it in a steel cage, maybe Hell in a Cell (…) you just never know.”

D-Von further added that the WWE Hall of Famer should give The Dudley Boyz a call if he needs it:

“Something has to be done where Edge has to have his back watched,” D-Von continued. “I don’t know, maybe Edge should call The Dudley Boyz.”

Edge is currently absent from WWE TV after his loss to Balor at the Extreme Rules show.

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