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Existing Mosdex users can now make profits by inviting their friends to join Mosdex. Through our ‘Invite Friends – Both Get Benefits’ referral bonus campaign, new users joining our crypto exchange platform will receive rewards, and so will our existing users. The referral program will offer rewards up to 30 USDT. Such exciting opportunities from the arbitrage platform encourages new users to join the company and get a chance to generate a steady passive income.

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Participation procedure: Simply visit the Mosdex platform, signup through your friend’s referral link or enter a referral code during signup, and start investing.

Event details:

At Mosdex, we follow a customer-centric approach, meaning we generate profits only when our users make profits. As pioneers in crypto arbitrage, Mosdex features a customer benefit-sharing model, and we do not charge any fees to our users on total capital. You and your friends can receive up to 30 USDT cryptocurrency rewards in your Mosdex account. Our aim is to increase our customer base and help users generate high profits through our campaign.

Through our profit-sharing arbitrage platform, we will help our users to generate a steady passive income. Users joining the Mosdex platform through our recent Friends referral campaign will get benefits like:

  • Higher profits from arbitrating on our blockchain-based platform
  • Get a steady lifetime profit through our customer benefit-sharing model
  • Contribute to our company’s growth since we share revenue with our users
  • Get the best from arbitrage staking through our user-friendly platform
  • You do not have to be a finance expert or need experience in crypto trading

Referral PRO program for MOSDEX users

The referral program offers multiple benefits as the campaign will extend referral PRO privileges to the qualified referrers (your friend). From the table given below, users can analyze the commission structure and conditions for automatic PRO-level upgrades.

Users receiving MOSDEX through referral links will receive a set percentage after successful signup per the campaign policy and their referrer’s referral PRO rating.

The recommender or referrer will also receive a 0.5% rebate in real time on the staking amount whenever the new user stakes a stock (with additional staking). Post referral program, whenever the referrer makes a claim, both ‘Friends’ get paid in real-time % of the claim amount according to the referrer’s referral PRO grade.

Any user who meets the following conditions can enjoy the benefits offered by the PRO tier.

Commission structure


 **To be included in this calculation, traders must sign up using a referral link, complete MSODEX user authentication, and complete a successful trade.

Campaign rules:

  • The ‘Invite Friends – Both Get Benefits’ referral campaign is applicable to all Mosdex users.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel the registration, freeze the Mosdex account, and other actions in case of misdemeanors and violations of company policies.
  • New users will have to follow the criteria specified by the Mosdex campaign.
  • The rewards will automatically get credited to the user’s Mosdex accounts post-campaign completion.
  • For more detailed terms and conditions regarding the campaign, visit their policy page.

According to our CEO Emmet Joseph, “Mosdex aims to simplify the arbitrage process and offer similar opportunities to multiple people, institutions, and exchanges.”

Mosdex users can currently perform arbitrage staking on the Mosdex platform for BTC (Bitcoin) and USDT (Tether). We will also be introducing new coins for staking on our platform. With such lucrative opportunities, these referral campaigns by Mosdex aim to improve profits and extend their offering to multiple individuals.

About Mosdex

Mosdex is a crypto arbitrage automation platform that aims to simplify cryptocurrency management and lower costs. The platform is based on blockchain and machine learning technology and allows users to track trades through real-time analytics. Mosdex’s goal is to provide a safe and easy-to-access platform for individuals, exchanges, and other entities. The platform introduces unique features with the help of IT and finance experts. The company continuously explores high-liquid projects with high yield prospects in arbitrage staking. 

For more details on the ‘Invite Friends-Both Get Benefits’ campaign and company visit:

Mosdex website:

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