Zelina Vega made her WWE return on SmackDown


This past week on SmackDown, Zelina Vega made her WWE return as a surprise addition to Legado Del Fantasma, and Angel Garza has been left confused.

A few years ago, Vega managed Andrade and Angel Garza after she was the woman who went to NXT and chose him to come up to the main roster. The duo haven’t worked together on TV in recent months, but are now on the same brand. And it appears that Garza believed that Vega was going to return to WWE with him.

On a recent appearance on The Bump, Garza appeared disappointed with her decision to join Legado Del Fantasma after all the work they’ve done together.

“I’m kind of confused if I can say it like that, because I mean, we come from the same place, we don’t know if we can work with them or against them. I had a very very close connection with Zelina, I know how she works and I was expecting to get her back. But right now, she’s with them so… let’s figure it out,” Angel Garza said. [29:18-45]

He went on to note how he felt about Zelina returning with someone else.

“All the conversations we had, they were thrown into the garbage, that’s the only thing I can say.” [30:10-16]

Zelina Vega replaced Elektra Lopez on WWE SmackDown

When Legado Del Fantasma were on NXT, Vega wasn’t a part of them. Instead, it was Elektra Lopez who worked alongside the group. Many fans believed that it would be the second-generation star who would be called up to the main roster with the group, but that wasn’t the case.

Reports suggest that it was a last-minute decision to bring in Vega instead. So, the WWE Universe still awaits the debut of Lopez on the main roster.

Vega, on the other hand, has already made a name for herself as a manager and wrestler on the main roster, and could open many doors for the stable.

Are you glad Zelina Vega is with Legado Del Fantasma? Have your say in the comments section below.

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