Exciting free rewards are available in new top-up event (Image via Sportskeeda)


Top-up events make regular appearances in Free Fire MAX, the most recent being the Fang Top-up. These provide additional incentives, primarily cosmetics, upon purchasing the required amount of premium in-game currency during the event.

This time around, the event technically features three rewards, the Lava Fang Pet Skin Bundle featuring the pet and its skin, and a separate mythic emote. All you have to do is purchase 500 diamonds and acquire the items.

Read through for detailed steps to acquire diamonds and get free rewards.

Steps to purchase diamonds and get free rewards in Free Fire MAX

Purchasing diamonds in Free Fire MAX does not take more than a few minutes. You can follow the guide in the section given below to get the premium in-game currency and collect the free rewards:

Step 1: Open the top-up section in Free Fire MAX, and several diamond packs appear on the screen.

The price of diamonds on the Indian server (Image via Garena)
The price of diamonds on the Indian server (Image via Garena)
  • Get 100 diamonds for INR 80
  • Get 310 diamonds for INR 250
  • Get 520 diamonds for INR 400
  • Get 1060 diamonds for INR 800
  • Get 2180 diamonds for INR 1600
  • Get 5600 diamonds for INR 4000
Acquire diamonds and get the rewards (Image via Garena)
Acquire diamonds and get the rewards (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Select the most appropriate diamond pack and pay to receive diamonds in your account.

The requirements for the Free Fire MAX top-up event are as follows:

  • Get a free Lava Fang Pet Skin Bundle on the purchase of 100 diamonds
  • Get a free Sit Down! Emote on the purchase of 500 diamonds

The Lava Fang Pet Skin Bundle includes the Fang pet and its given skin, making it a highly valued item. The two requirements for the ongoing top-up events are cumulative. Hence, you will receive both rewards upon completing the 500-diamond top-up.

Since the highest requirement in the current top-up event is set at 500 diamonds, purchasing a pack worth INR 400 would be the most appropriate decision. This will get you a new pet, its exclusive skin, and the mythic emote for free.

Once the diamonds are credited to your account, you may access the event tab to claim the rewards. They can open it by clicking on the calendar icon on the right side.

There are two rewards in the event (Image via Garena)
There are two rewards in the event (Image via Garena)

Step 3: You may select the Fang Top-Up tab under the events tab and then click the claim button beside the corresponding rewards to obtain them.

Finally, you may equip the pet and its skin from the corresponding tab, while the emote can be accessed through the vault section.

Also, if you want to acquire a larger pack, it would only be better to purchase a smaller quantity now and make further purchases during the next top-up event to get more freebies.

Fang pet in Free Fire MAX

Fang pet in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Fang pet in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Fang comes equipped with Wolf Pact skills in Free Fire MAX. It provides owners with 10 EP if their HP is full or 5 HP when their HP is not full whenever the enemy knocks down the teammate. This does not exceed the HP/EP limit; the cooldown time is 40 seconds.

As the pet reaches its maximum potential, the owners will receive 30 EP if HP is full or 15 HP when HP is not full, with the caveat remaining the same. Furthermore, the cooldown time comes down to 25 seconds.



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