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Gameloft’s latest life simulator, Disney Dreamlight Valley, has a lot of key adventure and role-playing elements that make it quite a fun title to pop into for hours on end.

Crafting and cooking are core to its gameplay mechanics, and you will be able to scour the open world to find some of the rarest ingredients and make resources that will help you round out friendship quests as you look to expand your valley further.

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However, not all resources are all that easy to come by in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the one that has been the trickiest to acquire is Snow. While Snow can be obtained from the dense open-world settings of the game in the form of Snowballs, these formations are not as easy to come by as you might think, and acquiring them can indeed feel like a hassle.

Today’s guide will therefore go over how you will be able to easily obtain Snow or Snowball and use it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Obtaining Snow in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Snow is one of the many items that is locked behind progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it can only be obtained in the title during the end game. You will need to unlock the Frosted Heights to be able to have access to it, and it is one of the many biomes which you will get much later on in the game.

Here’s how you can get Snow in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Unlock the Forest of Valor first. Without it, you will not be able to make your way to the Frosted Heights. To unlock Forest of Valor, you will be required to spend 3,000 Dreamlight and clear out the Giant Night Thorns.
  • After clearing the thorns, you will then need to unlock the location to gain access to the Frosted Heights biome. For this, you will require an additional 10,000 Dreamlight to clear out the enormous Night Thorns from the entrance of the new Biome.
  • After clearing the Thorns, you will now have effectively unlocked Frosted Heights, and you will be able to enter the location to find Snowball. Getting Snow here will be quite similar to how you usually acquire other resources like Soil or Clay.
  • You will be required to have an Axe or Shovel for the process. As soon as you see chunks of Ice Block in Frosted Heights, you will be required to hack away at it to obtain some snow in the game.
  • Alternately, there is another expensive way of getting Snow in the life simulator. For this, you will be required to earn Star Coins and invest the resource for some Snow in Kristoff’s stall. Earning Star Coins is not the easiest thing to do in the game, and to set up Kristoff’s stall you will be required to complete his main quests.

Using Snowball in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Snowball can be used to craft a variety of key resources ranging from furniture to fabric. Snowball can also be used to craft a Snowman along with making Vanilla Ice Cream in the game.

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