How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Die Brazilian Influencer Shot Dead By Gunmen


How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Die? Brazilian Influencer Shot Dead By Gunmen:- One of the well-known Internet figures named Nubia Christiania is receiving tributes from all over after the Brazilian influencer was found dead by the police authority at her residence. All of her fans are extremely shocked after learning about the news. The police authority organized a dedicated investigation to conclude the complete case and untangle the truth. The incident is quite shocking and it even become one of the most talked about topics on the Internet nowadays. Many of her fans are trying to collect information about the circumstances under which the social media influencer breathed last. Get more information on Nubia Cristina Braga’s death cause.

How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Die Brazilian Influencer Shot Dead By Gunmen

How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Die?

As we mentioned above that the death news of Nubia Cristina spread like a wildfire all over the Internet and all of her fans and other Internet consumers are giving different kinds of reactions to the shocking incident. According to the latest news, the police officers found Cristina lifeless at her own house on 14th October 2022. The investigation team further informed that the Brazilian influencer was shot dead by two unidentified killers. The investigation team is chasing the killers.

In addition to this, the entire incident ensued when Cristina was returning home from the salon when two men suddenly barged into her home. Both the killers started shooting recklessly at Cristina due to which she died on the spot. After killing Cristina both killers fled from the scene on a motorbike. The information was received by law enforcement at Santa Maria Aracaju, Brazil and started their investigation. In the initial reports, police officers informed that Cristina was killed just three hours ago and was lying in a pool with her blood in it. Her corpse was sent for autopsy.

Brazilian Influencer Shot Dead By Masked Gunmen

As we informed above that the police are chasing the culprits that the police also investigating the motive behind this horrific killing. Nubia’s family is devasted after learning about their daughter’s death. Nubia’s aunt Claudia Menezes stated that her entire family is taken aback and still can’t believe that such happened to them. She further informed that her niece never informed them about any kind of enmity or death threats.

Nubia Christina was just 23 years old at the time of her death she belonged to Brazil. The reports said that she accumulated around 60K followers on her Instagram account. She was last active on 14th October and posted a story at the time she was in the salon. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.



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