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Mojang recently announced Minecraft’s awaited 1.20 update, which will be released at some point in 2023. Among its many features are hanging-sign blocks. These will offer a brand new way to enjoy making decorations in Minecraft, going beyond what standard wooden signs are capable of.

However, the inclusion will be slightly different in terms of construction and crafting requirements compared to standard signs. This is why it may not be a bad idea to keep the new signs’ requirements and functions in mind for when update 1.20 drops next year.

All the information pertaining to the upcoming patch hasn’t been released yet, but there are a few things to learn about hanging signs in particular. These facts may change as the update’s release date approaches.

What is currently known about Minecraft 1.20’s hanging signs?

Hanging signs come in many different variants based on wood type (Image via Mojang)
Hanging signs come in many different variants based on wood type (Image via Mojang)

According to Minecraft Live 2022, hanging signs are quite different compared to standard signs, though they share some similarities as well. What is known is that they are crafted from stripped wooden logs and chains. A total of ten different wood types can be used to make them: oak, spruce, jungle, acacia, dark oak, crimson, warped, mangrove, and the new bamboo wood type.

The hanging sign block will have three total variants based on its placement. It can hang from the side of a block, hang below a full block, or be underneath a small block like fences or chains. This makes hanging signs quite versatile, thanks to the various blocks that they can be attached to.

For the most part, they will operate much like standard signs. Players will get to input text, including certain hypertext, onto the signs and display them. This likely means color codes will work for hanging signs much like they do with ordinary ones. However, the Minecraft Live 2022 trailer also displayed the upcoming signs as being capable of possessing glowing text if players apply a glow ink sac to them.

The upcoming signs can also be applied and placed in various alignments, including diagonally. This should make them more versatile than regular sign blocks, and their ability to hang from blocks makes them ideal for aspiring Minecraft decorators in-game. There’s no doubt the community will come up with many different and unique ways to make decorations with the new sign blocks.

Along with camels, bamboo wood, chiseled bookcases, and new character skins, hanging signs are an intriguing new addition to Minecraft with update 1.20. Mojang will likely unveil more features as the patch’s development cycle continues, and the signs may have even more features that are yet to be revealed.

For the time being, the community will just have to wait and see what information the developers will show off next. Fortunately, Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft 1.20 will present new content via Bedrock Edition’s Beta Program as well as Java Edition’s Preview Snapshots. It shouldn’t be too long before the game’s fans can take a more hands-on approach with 1.20’s new additions.

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