A brief about the new Rhinehart vehicle added to GTA Online in latest weekly update (Image via Rockstar Games)


Rockstar Games has launched the new Übermacht Rhinehart in GTA Online as part of The Criminal Enterprises. The car arrived with the latest weekly update on October 13, 2022.

The Übermacht Rhinehart is now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

With all the havoc going on in Southern San Andreas right now, having a reliable 4-door sedan that’s been voted “Most Comfortable Getaway Car of The Year” feels like a pretty solid bet.The new Übermacht Rhinehart, now at Southern San Andreas Super Autos: rsg.ms/103b904 https://t.co/5iTTc1JKv2

Performance, price, and more information about the Übermacht Rhinehart in GTA Online

The Übermacht Rhinehart is a four-door station wagon in GTA Online. Its visual design is inspired by multiple real-life cars, including:

  • BMW 3 Series Touring (G21) – Overall design
  • AMG Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) – Front bumper
  • BMW 5 Series Touring (G31) – Rear C-pillar window and upper-side bodyline
  • 2019 Škoda Octavia Estate – Rear body

The car’s body comprises the following characteristics:

Front body:

  • The trapezium-shaped lower grille on the front bumper
  • Larger intakes with inset formations
  • Mesh upper grille surrounded by black trimming
  • Wide headlamps

Side body:

  • Smooth accent lines on the side skirt area
  • Black trimming on the innermost pillars and around the windows
  • Wing mirrors mounted over black supports
  • Slightly curved roofline
  • Black central wiper on the lower edge of rear windows

Rear body:

  • Manufacturer emblem in the center of the boot lid
  • Wide tail lamps
  • Extended rear bumper
  • Small grilles on the outer edges of the bumper
  • Twin exhaust tips

When it comes to performance, the Übermacht Rhinehart runs on a lively V8 engine that comes coupled to an 8-speed gearbox in a front-engine, all-wheel drivetrain. With a full performance upgrade, it can reach a staggering top speed of 123.00 mph (197.95 km/h). Its lap time, recorded by prominent YouTuber Broughy, is 1:04.748.

The Übermacht Rhinehart also has some of the best customization options for an SUV in GTA Online. Players can customize it by driving it to any Los Santos Customs.

The car’s default radio stations in the game are Still Slipping Los Santos, MOTOMAMI Los Santos, and Non-Stop-Pop FM.

Players can purchase the Übermacht Rhinehart from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website for a price of $1,598,000. The GTA Online website introduces the vehicle as follows:

“You’re far too cool to own an SUV. And a sedan? You might as well get “practical” and “economical” tattooed on your n**s. No, you’re performance-driven. You’re an executive. You’re a family of four, and not a day goes by that you don’t regret it with every fiber of your being. You’re already a Rhinehart owner. You just don’t know it yet.”

Car enthusiasts should definitely check out the Übermacht Rhinehart in GTA Online this week and add it to their collection.

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