Google Mera Naam Kya Hai : What is my name, do you also want to ask the same question to Google. For information, tell that Google knows everything about you. Even your family members may not know much about what you do throughout the day, but your eyes are fixed on Google Baba for the whole day. Let’s leave all these things, we come to our post. In today’s article we will talk about whether Google knows your name or not?Do you think you will know or not? Don’t think too much, the simple answer is Google knows your name. Apart from this, Google also knows all your personal details which have been given to your Google. In this post we will read Google what is my name?

What is my name – Mera Naam Kya Hai

If a Google account has been created in your mobile, then you will remember that when you have created the account, then Google must have asked for many types of personal details from you. It will contain details like your name, phone number, gender, etc. Google does not misuse your details, but presents it to you only when needed. Now here you must have understood that Google has all your details. With the help of this, Google tells what is my name.

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Google what is my name – how does google tell it | गूगल मेरा नाम क्या है- यह गूगल कैसे बताता है

Till now we told you that Google still has personal details. Google’s service “Google Assistant” is our assistant in a way that accepts all our words. This is what tells our personal details, what is my name. If you also want to know what my name is, Google tells this thing, then for this you have to setup Google Assistant. It is very easy to setup this. With the information given in the next paragraph, you can setup Google Assistant.

What is Google Assistant? | गूगल असिस्टेंट क्या है?

Google Assistant is a product of Google that remains our assistant. It works on your voice. For example, if you want to check the current time, then you just have to give a Voice  or Text command and Google Assistant  will tell you about the time.

गूगल असिस्टेंट सेटअप कैसे करे? | How to setup Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is very easy to set up. You can activate Google Assistant by looking at the setting given below.

Setup Google Assistant 

1. Download Google Assistant Application from Play Store / Apple Store.

2. Then on your Android phone or tablet, say “Ok Google, open Assistant Settings”.

3. Under “Settings”, tap on “General” – “Preferred Input”.

4. Now choose your preferred input.

To speak your question or instruction: Tap Voice.

To type your question or instruction: tap Keyboard.

Now Google Assistant has been activated on your mobile. Now you can order by holding the home button of the mobile or by saying Hey Google. Apart from this, you can give a new name to Google Assistant. Now whatever you ask from Google Assistant, it will tell you.

गूगल मेरा नाम क्या है- कैसे पूछे |how to ask – google what is my name 

As told you earlier, you can ask Assistant by holding the Home button or by saying Hey Google. You have to speak your question by saying this and Google Assistant will answer you.

For example “What’s my name?” After that Google Assistant will tell you the name. Just remember that before asking anything, hey Google or hold the home button. By doing this, the assistant starts.

Now you have come to know that with the help of Google Assistant, “What is Google my name” can be easily known. Apart from this, you can also ask what is my name, tell me what is my name and many more. I hope you liked this article .

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