Freddie Prinze Jr. has opened up about his spell as a writer

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has claimed that top executive Kevin Dunn would halt storylines of female superstars if he didn’t find them attractive.

Dunn has produced and directed for WWE since the 80s and was one of Vince McMahon‘s key aides for a long time. He is currently the Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution in the company.

In a recent episode of his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, the former WWE writer discussed working with Dunn and claimed that he would cancel storylines if he didn’t think that the female star was pretty.

“You could pitch for 20 minutes. Kevin [Dunn] would be like, ‘Well, I don’t think she’s pretty,’ and all of a sudden, like six weeks of story, was just gone. It’s like, ‘Well, our champ has to be pretty.’ it’s like, ‘Yo, do you think Mankind was pretty?’ You could throw out a number of how many less-than-handsome male champions have existed, and I shall exceed it. But it would be dead it would just be dead because he would say one thing,” said Freddie Prinze Jr. [H/T Fightful]

Prinze Jr. also stated that while Vince McMahon lived and breathed pro wrestling, he didn’t feel the same way about Dunn.

Kevin Dunn reportedly said that a top WWE star wasn’t “good-looking enough” to be a champion

Recent reports from Leslie Lee of Struggle Sessions claimed that Dunn was reportedly not on boarding Becky Lynch as he didn’t find her attractive for a WWE Champion.

“I’ll never forget this weasel telling us that Becky Lynch isn’t good-looking enough,” said the source.

The problem is not that Kevin Dunn doesn’t find Becky attractive. His opinion, his right to it.The problem is that Kevin Dunn, a WWE executive with connections to higher ups, views physical attractiveness as a prerequisite for being women’s champion. That’s the issue here…

Earlier reports had also stated that Dunn wasn’t a fan of Lynch’s Irish accent and wanted her to have less time on the microphone. Lynch seemingly had the last laugh as she went on to become one of the most popular superstars in recent history in the company.

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