Fixing the “DirectX Function/Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI/Device Hung” error in FIFA 23 (Image via FIFA 23)


Even three weeks after its launch, there are still a significant number of errors and performance issues that FIFA 23 is facing.

From excessive lag to game crashes, to server errors, there is a lot that the community is facing in the title, which is why not everyone is having a great time in the latest franchise entry.

One such error that such annoying issues which have been bugging players even today is the “DirectX Function/Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI/Device Hung” error. The problem stems from the game’s compatibility with Windows and DirectX and has proven to be one of the more difficult bugs to weed out, even by EA.

However, there are a few things that you will be able to do to solve the error in FIFA 23, and today’s guide will specifically go over some of the steps that you will need to take to fix it.

Fixing the “DirectX Function/Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI/Device Hung” error in FIFA 23

As the “DirectX Function/Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI/Device Hung” error in FIA 23 has to do with issues with DirectX, there are a few things that you can do to solve the issue.

1) Reinstall DirectX

One of the best ways to fix the error in the game is to reinstall DirectX itself. Since the issues primarily stem from FIFA 23’s compatibility with the API, uninstalling and then reinstalling it is likely going to weed out the problem from the game.

After reinstalling DirectX on your system, you will be required to restart your PC, and then launch the game again.

This seems to have resolved the issue for many in the community.

2) Reinstalling the game

While a drastic step, it might just be the most effective one. It’s likely that the compatibility issue is happening due to some FIFA 23 files being corrupted in the system.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the game will be the best solution to weed out the bug from its core and many in the community have found it to be the more effective solution.

3) Updating Windows OS

Updating is another thing that you can look into to solve the error in the title. Hence, check for the latest Windows updates through the start Updates menu, and patch the OS to the most recent version.

However, this will only work for those who have access to the original version of the operating system. Those who are on pirated Windows might not be able to properly update the OS to fix the issue with DirectX that FIFA 23 is facing.

4) Updating FIFA 23

Updating FIFA 23 by checking for the latest version on Steam or checking for its file integrity will be some great solutions to opt into as well. Version mismatch might also be a root cause for the DirectX error and the best way to deal with that would be to update the game or check for the download file integrity, thereby automatically fixing them both.

Even after the above steps, if the error still persists for you, then you will be required to contact EA Sports Support or wait for the developers to patch it out.

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