Drag Race Down Under 2 Episode 2 Released Date Time E

The popular Drag race down under has returned to the screens for season 2 after the success of season 1. The second season 2 started on Saturday and it was nothing short of entertaining. Season 2 seems to be more amazing than the previous season. Ten new queens debuted on the premiere episode on Saturday. The first episode of the show has been loved by many fans, but this time all the fans and viewers of the show are not happy.

Yes, you all heard it right, not all the fans and loyal viewers of the show are happy with episode 1 of season 2. Many fans and viewers of the show have complained about the production quality of the show. Many of the fans have spoken their dislike about episode 1 production quality on social media. Talking about the episode, the grand premiere of season 2 was good and nice. 10 new queens lighted up the stage with their amazing personalities and beautiful looks. Fans were flattened on their beauty and looks. They all were mesmerized by their beauty and charm.

There were some challenges done in the episode, such as lip syncing and all. Sydney-based drag queen Faux Fur was eliminated at the end of the first episode of the show. Although she was loved and adored by the public but still she couldn’t manage to compete in the race to the title. The guest judges in episode 1 were Robert Irwin and Bindi Irwin. The grand premiere of season 2 garnered a massive amount of audience and got a good amount of viewership but the show didn’t get a complete good review like earlier by the fans. Episode 1 received a mixed reaction from the public and thus the episode didn’t garner all positive reviews.

The loyal fans of the show came out on social media and complained about their issues. They all complained about the production quality of the show. They all complained about glitches in the editing of the episode. These all reasons were the reasons why the fans were not happy with the show and the makers. Fans have stated that the lighting, editing, and production of the grand premiere were not up to the mark. A maximum amount of fans have called out the production team for this. The production team must take this issue seriously because if this thing is not worked on, the show might suffer in viewership and might be lost too. The fans have flooded social media with their tweets and posts on this. They have also made and shared multiple amounts of memes on this. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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