Hacker Charles Evens

Popular website hacker Charles Evens has recently been arrested by police officials. In today’s article we will tell you all about this report, so stay tuned till the end to know all about it. Charles Evens is a popular website hacker who is known for assisting Hunter Moore in gaining access to multiple accounts to collect private pictures.

Charles Even was just 26 years old at the time he was arrested by the police officials. Charles Evens pleaded guilty to the counts of data theft and hacking in July 2015. He was detained to grab secured data for his benefit. In the year 2013, Los the Angeles prosecutor implemented that posting private and damaging pictures is a misdemeanor. He served 25 months term to serve in prison he even paid the fine of $2000. The judge also ordered Charles to do community service for 20 hours.

Charles Even assisted Hunter Moore back in the year 2010, in hacking websites and posting pornographic pictures of individuals. Hunter Moore ran a website, where anyone could publish pornographic pictures. In many cases, people used to publish naked and lewd pictures of their exes, and Thus the website was becoming and doing wrong.

Many people were affected by this website. This didn’t stop here, but Hunter Moore further also revealed the real identities of the people whose pictures were published. He even posted personal social media handles. Moore came in contact with Charles Even when breached his account.

This news was one of the most buzzing news of that time. Although, this news is still one of the most buzzing news and people do to talk about this case on social media sometimes. Thus people are also curious to know about Charles Evens and his personal life. We would like to inform all our viewers that currently there is not much information about the Charles Evens at this moment. People are eager to know about his current life status and updates about it. They all want to know about the popular hacker who commuted such acts in the last decade. Although our research team is currently looking into this topic and soon they will reveal some information about him and his personal life. Their website created a massive amount of chaos on the internet back in 2010. Many people were affected by this website after the private pictures were posted on this website. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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