ONEUS’ Ravn has found himself in hot waters. Severe allegations of cheating and gaslighting were made by an anonymous netizen who claimed to be the idol’s ex-girlfriend on October 14. His agency, RBW Entertainment, released an official statement regarding the same on October 15.

In the statement, the agency emphasized that it will do its best to uncover every detail and “determine all the facts.” The statement read:

“Hello, this is RBW. First, we sincerely thank the fans who care for the group ONEUS, and we are letting you know that we are currently in the process of carefully checking the truth regarding the posts made about member Ravn. Additionally, we promise to do our utmost to precisely determine all the facts. Thank you.”

Health hiatus of ONEUS’ Ravn in 2019 scrutinized as cheating rumors take over Twitter

not ravn going on a “health hiatus” in 2019 leaving everyone worried (his fans and members). when in fact it was bc the company found out about his relationship and had to confiscate his phone. and he still went out to meet op, WHILE HAVING COVID. i hate this man so much.

On October 14, an anonymous person with Twitter ID @oAKjan3BvAJjqld posted videos, audio, screenshots, and a lengthy statement alleging that ONEUS’ Ravn cheated on her and gaslit her.

The alleged ex-girlfriend claimed that they first met in 2020 in Japan and that they got intimate after he made her consume alcohol. She also accused him of cheating on her with other Japanese and Korean women. One Korean woman, with the initials LHY, was named continuously in the alleged ex-girlfriend’s letter.

The alleged ex-girlfriend also claimed that ONEUS’ Ravn was not on a health hiatus, as stated by the agency right after the group’s debut in 2019. She alleged that everyone involved with Ravn knew about his issues with women and that the company had confiscated his phone during that period.

In an excerpt from the statement, the anonymous person said,

“You know, people actually know all about how you couldn’t participate in group promotions right after you debuted because you had problems with the women in your life. Remember how you didn’t have a cellphone, so you wrote Naver emails using your iPad?”

RBW Entertainment reported Ravn’s health hiatus in March 2019. He then resumed group activities in May of the same year.

like for real oneus company should Kick ravn out of group right in 2019 when they found out he is going around bars and meeting girls, not just took his phone and put him on hiatus because of “health”

Fans criticized the agency for sweeping the issue under the rug and lying about the allegations. They left no room to express their anger over the protection Ravn received in the past.

@s_oulp_1h This is a thread I found earlier idk how true it is but…

Ravn’s cheating rumors divide ONEUS fandom

feeling sick to my stomach about this ravn situation…it’s so scary as well. just shows how we don’t know ANYTHING about idols.…

The allegations against ONEUS’ Ravn have snowballed into a major K-pop scandal. The industry’s strict no-dating rule has given rise to multiple controversies, ranging from baseless relationship rumors to se*ual assault allegations.

ONEUS’ fandom and K-pop stan Twitter is similarly divided on Ravn’s cheating controversy. While most netizens harshly criticized the idol for being misogynistic, some took a no-comment stance. Some have also said they would wait for a formal statement and thorough investigation before jumping to conclusions.

if and when they confirm everything, i better not just see a ‘yes its true’ and everything goes back to as it was, i need a ‘we have come to the conclusion of terminating our artist contract with ravn’ idc…

Those of ya’ll that are already sending hate to Ravn without proof from himself or the company or without waiting for the company’s response after the investigation are just stupid af….stop believing these “accusers” from random accounts that were just made recently

just seen people defending ravn like they personally knew him

We all need to stay neutral since this is a pretty heavy accusation that can ruin an innocent’s life, but if it’s true, ToMoons I hope we don’t keep protecting Ravn if he’s at fault. Let’s protect Oneus’ name, but try to be open-minded since investigations are still happening.…

as a person who has ulted ravn for almost 4 years, this is definitely hard to swallow. i will not defend him in any way or comment much abt it until more facts are released. as of rn i will keep my mouth shut and show no support

@kiriagod91 Smart cuz there’s no way to see it’s true or not till we see actual evidence, innocent til proven guilty is the saying, there is always controversies in the K-pop community you never know what’s true or not anymore until actual solid evidence

Y’all so quick to jump on the anti Ravn train. Because of some rando anon acct?? Couldn’t be me

I see the video where op claims Ravn threatened to stab his ex but not a single one has subs to clarify it. So here’s my contribution to the current situation.The video was so fast and had so many cuts that it was hard to understand what he was saying.

I didn’t have time to translate the second part yet but apparently he said something like this. And honestly, it looks as if he was talking to a sasaeng.It would not be the first time a sasaeng got an idol’s number and tormented them with calls and messagesa

Additionally, netizens noticed that CyA unfollowed ONEUS’ Ravn and deleted all of their collaborations from SoundCloud. CyA is a rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter of ONEWE, a group under RBW Entertainment.

cya deleted all the collabs he did on soundcloud with ravn and unfollowed him ?

However, the entire K-pop fandom agrees that ONEUS must not be blamed for one member’s alleged misdeeds. Fans now await RBW Entertainment’s detailed statement regarding the issue.

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