Alexa Bliss sent a cute message to Braun Strowman

Alexa Bliss and Adam Scherr (fka Braun Strowman in WWE) were close friends during their time in the company, and if her recent Twitter update is anything to go by, the duo has remained close following his release.

Bliss and Scherr once teamed together in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge as Team Little Big but were unable to win the overall competition.

The former Universal champion was also recently part of Bliss’ wedding to Ryan Cabrera, which is where the photo was taken as part of her recent update.

Bliss and Scherr were seen dancing at her wedding in an initial Tweet shared by The Monster Among Men, who also noted that they are “besties forever.”

It is worth noting that Bliss recently married Cabrera, whilst Scherr has been in a relationship with current WWE star Raquel Rodriguez for around a year. The 38-year-old star was a surprise release from the company back in 2021 and has since continued to wrestle on the Independent circuit.

In February 2022, Scherr, along with fellow wrestler EC3, announced their own wrestling promotion called Control Your Narrative (CYN).

Alexa Bliss is pushing for the Women’s Championship on WWE Television

Alexa Bliss recently made it very clear that she was coming for the RAW Women’s Championship and the winner of the match at SummerSlam. Bianca Belair was able to defeat Becky Lynch as part of the show before The Man turned face and Bayley made her return.

Bliss has since been thrust into a storyline with Belair and Asuka after Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai invaded their number one contender match. Becky’s recent injury has thrown a spanner into the works in the Women’s Division, so it’s currently unclear if Bliss will be handed her Championship match.

It appears as though Bliss will join forces with Asuka and Belair to battle the newly formed trio, which is reportedly called ‘CONTROL’.

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