Amanda cerny

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, as we all know one of the thriving Bollywood actors named Ranveer Kapoor recently became the talk of the town after his latest photoshoot started circulating all over the Internet. The sizzling photoshoot of the actor made it one of the trending topics on the Internet. However, the actor is facing criticism whereas on another side he is also getting support from a vast fanbase and other significant personalities. But one of the famous Internet personalities went beyond all the limits to show her support for the actor. Get more information on Amanda Cerny’s viral video.

After the support of some of the significant actors including Vidya Balan who stated during an interview that this isn’t the first time when such kind of photoshoot was released by a man. She is accompanied by another popular actor Kubra Sait who completely agreed with the statement of the actress. Later, Janhvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also show their support for the actor. As we mentioned that the American Internet personality even took out all of her cloth and that is too even in-store.

Who Is Amanda Cerny?

The video has been posted by the online personality herself, the video has been uploaded on her official Instagram account. The video started when the famed YouTuber started the video by taking off her lower and later also removed her upper as well. The Internet personality comes out completely naked and gave different poses without clothes. She posed at the different sections of the store and one of her images even covered one of the staff members of the store. The video wreaked havoc all over the Internet and it has even become one of the trending videos on the Internet. The video is captioned with “just don’t get hacked”.

The continuation started after the photo shoot of the actor made a significant space on the Internet. But the way Amanda supports the Indian actor has been found a bit weird by a facet of the Internet whereas some are in complete support of the YouTuber personality. The antagonist of the film Padamavat is seeking justice and is currently facing legal action for his photo shoot.

As we mentioned Amanda Rachelle Cerny is an enormously famous American Internet personality, she is well known for her YouTube channel and whimsical vines. The video is still available on her IG account interested readers can check it out anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.


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