Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers

For the better part of the last decade and a half, Aaron Rodgers has often found his name near the top of the quarterback (QB) charts. With four MVP awards and a Lombardi Trophy sitting on his mantle, Rodgers has built his career on fitting the football in the tiniest of windows.

As his time in the league has progressed, he’s adjusted his game for the better and built on his one-of-a-kind arm. When forced out of the pocket by hulking defensive ends, Rodgers works effortlessly before picking up huge chunk yards with his legs.

The multiple-time MVP will likely see a precipitous drop off in his play this upcoming season. Soon to be 39, Rodgers, to his credit, hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. However, while he’s revered by his peers, the 2022 season could be the start of his unlikely demise after a first-ballot Hall of Fame-level career.

Keep reading as we break down why Aaron Rodgers’ will not only fall off but won’t be considered a top-three quarterback in the NFL anymore.

#3 The loss of Davante Adams will hurt

Aaron Rodgers had an amazing connection with ex-Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams (right)
Aaron Rodgers had an amazing connection with ex-Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams (right)

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams connected on a deeper level after the initial time it took for the two to develop their rapport.

In 2018, the pair seemingly clicked. Adams was named to his first Pro Bowl after hauling in 1,386 receiving yards and 13 touchdown scores. From there, their relationship only grew stronger and stronger.

In both 2020 and 2021, Adams was named to both the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams, coinciding with Rodgers’ back-to-back MVP winning seasons.

Although the Green Bay Packers valued Adams, the franchise allowed him to walk out the door in free agency this past offseason.


While Aaron Rodgers was all smiles, wishing his trusted receiver nothing but the best as he made his way to Las Vegas, he must’ve been seething inside. In consecutive seasons, Adams served as Rodgers’ safety blanket of sorts, masking the inabilities and shortcomings of his fellow receivers.

In fact, over this recent two-year stretch, Adams was the only receiver on the Packers roster to record at least a thousand receiving yards.

In short order, Green Bay will soon realize that letting Adams go was an erroneous move, and the franchise could see Aaron Rodgers suffer the consequences.

#2 The young guns are nipping at Aaron Rodgers’ heels

NFL Pro Bowl
NFL Pro Bowl

Despite his postseason shortcomings, Aaron Rodgers has proved time and time again that his skills are simply second to none. Even when tasked with the arduous chore of defeating some of the top teams in the NFL, he has never appeared unnerved.

Regardless of the outcome, the former back-to-back league MVP has dazzled opposing crowds with his precision passing and pocket awareness. But his time on top of the quarterback mountain is seemingly coming to an end.

The league currently boasts several terrific young QBs. With the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen leading their teams to deep playoff runs, the innocuous plays by Rodgers are being overlooked.

The Packers QB will likely need to strap his team onto his capable shoulders and leads them back to the promised land. Otherwise, he’ll have a difficult time keeping up with the otherworldly younger talents that are presently spread across this league.

#1 One foot in, one foot out

Aaron Rodgers pictured during Round Two of the 2022 American Century Championship
Aaron Rodgers pictured during Round Two of the 2022 American Century Championship

As time has slowly ticked by, Aaron Rodgers’ hunger and desire have repeatedly been brought into question. While his numbers are still as eye-popping as ever, for the past few off-seasons, Rodgers has been criticized for drifting away mentally.

His protracted vacation trips during the offseason have spilled into Voluntary OTAs, paired with his recent venture as the host of Jeopardy. As a result, Rodgers has been viewed by many to have one foot in and one foot out.

That overarching theory is also shared by now former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Davante Adams.

During his recent free agency decision, Adams revealed that he discussed his desire to return to Green Bay with Rodgers. The WR expressed gratitude for playing with the Hall of Fame QB and appeared more than willing to continue their partnership. However, Adams also divulged that he was unsure how much time Rodgers has left in the league.


With the new season approaching and the Packers bereft of many talented players, Aaron Rodgers’ hunger to play will be tested like never before. If he does in fact check out, he’ll be passed up by countless young and hungry QBs, as well as numerous veterans.


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